Wednesday, May 13, 2009

kitchen talk

Last week I had one of those rare, wonderful days where I am alone in my house for a good chunk of the day, without too much mess or stress. Where I am not in full project mode, or cleaning mode or momma mode or hostess mode and I can take a moment to really enjoy my home for myself and myself only.
On those days I feel especially domestic and like to fix myself some sort of treat for lunch. Usually from whatever we have leftover.

Last week I had an Open Faced Hawaiian Sandwich. This simple sandwich is not only simple, but it is also sentimental. My Aunt Viki taught me how to make this, probably when I was all of about 12 years old give or take a few years. She also was the first person to introduce me to Mac-n-Cheese w/Hot Dogs cut up and mixed in. A delicacy I am not above eating to this day.

The Hawaiian Sandwich was a recipe Aunt Viki learned working at a local soda-fountain type restaurant as a high school kid, and I can still remember her showing me how to make it, laying each layer on the bread in the frying pan. I think that my love of Hawaiian Pizza's can be traced back to this sandwich as well. This and the Pineapple Crisp Casserole my mom is famous for.
My version of the Hawaiian Sandwich varies slightly from Aunt Viki's so for kicks I am going to include this simple sandwich recipe here.

Aunt Viki's Inspired Hawaiian Sandwich

Stack the following ingredients:

2 Pieces lightly toasted (both sides) Bread
I used homemade ciabatta, but any kind will do. However I do think the denser the better...

Ham or Prosciutto - 1 piece per slice of bread

Sliced Pineapple - enough to cover ham
I have never had this with fresh pineapple but I would love to try it!

Cover with Cheese - grated or sliced
I used Colby Jack (because it was what we had on hand) but I think you could also use swiss, sharp cheddar or Havarti.

Stick in broiler on Low till cheese & pineapple are bubbly.


In other domestic news from that day, I had to snap another picture of this little group on the counter. I am in love with the afternoon light that comes in my kitchen and I was trying to capture it's magic fairy dance on the counters. I know we need to remodel our kitchen for functionalities sake, but hope when we do we can still keep all the sweet charm that it has now.

Someone recently asked me about the 2 Mix Boxes behind the bowls.
I am sad to say that I don't think you can get them anymore. A friend gave them to me (after she had eaten the contents!) because she thought they looked like me. I did a little research (called reading the label) and discovered they came from Stonewall Kitchen, but alas I could not find these exact mixes or boxes.

I am also sad because I cannot find out who made or sold these picnic plates and bowls. I bought the whole set at a garage sale 2 years ago for $5 and I would love to double my collection for all our outdoor gatherings.
If anyone knows where I can find these - or if you see them on your thrifting adventures - let me know, I would be so happy!!


  1. MMM--sounds yummy! I will have to try these. I love the dishes too.

  2. OMG, I loooove your dishes!!! LOVE.

  3. I love those dishes, too. I have the gingham dinner plates in blue---got them at Target a few years back. I have the gingham flatware that matches, too. I LOVE gingham!!

  4. That sounds REALLY good! I will be home alone tomorow, maybe I'll make it. Oh wait, I dont have ciabatta bread, or ham, or pineapple or cheese for that matter. Maybe I better go to the grocery store. But those things will be on my list, cause I'm always up to trying something new. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yay! I have pineapple and ham and cheese in my frig--I get to make the Hawaiian melt today!


  6. I'll have to try that sandwich - sounds yummy! I love that little grouping on your counter - it's absolutely perfect - so sweet & colorful! That would make me happy every time I looked at it!

  7. yes your kitchen is really beautiful in the light. I love how it looks so cheery.

  8. Yum! Would be great on a bagel too. Gotta love those days when you don't have 1,000 things that have to get done and you can just relax and enjoy your home!

  9. I also had that same set of dishes that I got at target over 5 years ago ( I bought them when I lived in Las Vegas and have now lived in Michigan for the last five years, so it's been at least that long..) I wish I could find them again, too, but Target does release similar patterns in the spring every year, they just vary a bit.

  10. I found some dishes & I'm glad I finally remembered which blogger was looking for them. I'm not sure if they are exactly what you are looking for but they sure are cute (I think). I hope this helps. I'm ordering the floral w/little flags. So cute! Enjoy! MBM

  11. I love those dishes too, i am sure they are from Target, but target from at least 10 years ago. That sandwich looks yummy. We will be trying that.


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