Friday, May 15, 2009

end of the week and the sun is out

The sun has come back out finally...maybe it will stay.
Things have been unseasonably wet this Spring and it has thrown us all off our game.
Literally. Poor Miles has yet to play at T-Ball game due to all the rain - and the season "started" in April.

But today the sun was out, and I believe that the weather man is predicting sun for the coming week as well. Hallelujah!

Today we enjoyed the sun by attending Wylie's field day at school.

Miles is never happier than when he is on a swing.

Cannot believe another school year is almost over... Where did it all go?


  1. Nothing like a little sunshine to brighten your day! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sunshine makes all the difference in how we feel. I know that the people in cold climates that have a lot of sun, are happier than those that are cold and have no sunshine.
    Judea says that at least the Juneauites fight that tendency. Must be cheerful-must be cheerful. And they can go hunting and fishing. Most people who live up younder are restircted in outdoor activities.

  3. No sunshine here yet....Maybe today? I'm jealous.

  4. I love summer and the sunshine too. It is already hot here over 100 degrees.. Not sure if I am ready for that.. I agree, where did the year go? Hoping you have a wonderful summer with lots of treasured memories..


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