Friday, April 24, 2009


This is what our bathroom looked like when we moved in to our house almost 6 years ago.
Lovely huh?

Currently we are a 1 bathroom family. I try not to focus on that inconvenient fact, because in all seriousness there are people all over the world who don't even have running water in their village let alone their home, so I try not to complain about it too much.

Although sometimes I do bang on the door and shout - I gotta pee!!!!! Because frankly, I gotta pee. I pushed 2 10lbs babies out and my bladder control is not what it used to be...

But enough potty talk. On to the pretty talk...

Because I share the bathroom with all my boys, it is the one room where there really isn't any pink. I tried to keep it bright and colorful and not too girlie. I am saving all the girlie stuff for my "someday" bathroom....

I have been slowly re-decorating the family bath and I think I can finally see the finish line in sight! This has been a slow process - started a year ago with the changing of the cafe curtain and has continued on, one small change at a time. This week, as part of my Spring Cleaning, I did 3 things that got me that much closer to being DONE...

1st up, WASH is all in place. For months there was just the letter S hanging above the sink, and then there was the letter A and the letter S, now finally, W & H have shown up to complete the set....
Also, you can see in the mirror the reflection of the paper lantern I hung. To make it more festive I tied a bunch of left over ribbon scraps to it for fun. I just love hanging lanterns.

Next up, I decided that I am going to use colorful vintage tea towels as the hand towels in here.
They won't get quite as dirty as they would in the kitchen and the colors fit great!

I also added some vintage pom pom trim to the bottom of the cute little Martha Stewart shades from K-Mart that I bought a while ago for client and then didn't use. They were a great deal (on clearance I think) and I loved the shape. Now with the pom pom trim they are that much more special...

On my Still To-Do list is:

*Finish Embellishing Shower Curtain
*Hang Vintage Poster
*Paint Vinyl Floor
*Change Faucet
*Take good pics of window

Wonder if it will take another year to get done?


  1. CUTE! I love the WASH using misc. letters! And tea towels in the bathroom? Fabulous idea! Although I had to chuckle when you said they wouldn't get quite as dirty. With my two boys they sure would!

  2. Are there real lights under the shades, or just candles? You can paint a vinyl floor?!

  3. LOVE the bathroom!!!!! Absolutely adorable! Could I share that photo on my blog? (giving links to you of course)

  4. lookin' good! I love those WASH letters; are they all from separate sets/collections?

  5. Oh the horrors of the post baby bladder. Great isnt it? LOLOL

  6. Very nice transformation! I love the mix-matched "wash" letters. And, I'm glad to know it takes someone else a long time to get things done around the house. : )

  7. I love Jerusalem! It's so fun and happy. It totally makes me smile.

  8. I am SO WITH YOU on the 10 pound babies. Yikes.

    I only wish I was as with you on the decorating. Your "before" pic pretty much looks like my bathroom now...

  9. I totally can relate, after 10 years we have finally started out bathroom renovation, tore out the tub/shower insert and finally finished moving the toilet!!! now on to tiling the new shower area. It's been a long journey but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the bathroom, lol.
    Your renovation is darling! Love that blue color on the walls.
    Thanks for a little peek into your cute bathroom :)

  10. When I saw your "before" picture, I felt like I was looking at my bathroom when I first moved in!! It looks better now, but yours is amazing! It is inspiring me to do more to mine!

  11. what a fun bathroom! the before and afters are amazing. Great job!

  12. Daughter, you have the wonderful gift of turning a house into a home, everywhere you've lived. Keep it up! - luv, daddyo

  13. Came over from Sara's blog! Love your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love everything about your bathroom.... it screams happy!!!

  15. Loving, loving, loving your happy bathroom!


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