Friday, April 03, 2009

must see tv

since I have been doing a lot more book post, I have neglected my TV & Movie Post, so let me take a moment to share a few of my new favs.. encase you are looking for something to watch this weekend...

Whatever Martha.
Featuring Alexis Stewart, AKA "Dark Martha" & her best pal Jennifer.
Love, love this show. So funny.

Better Off Ted.
Cute, new & quirky. And simple quirky, not weird quirky. Cute quirky.

I am late to this party, but luckily for me there are episodes on every day and online too...
Not the best show in the world ever, but there is something enduring about it all the same.
Of course I don't watch the gross parts. Yuk.

Has anyone starting watching Little Dorrit on Masterpiece Theatre?
I missed last week but I think I can watch it online and catch up by Sunday.
I loved last year when they showed Cranford and all the Jane Austen movies for a month or more... I think every Sunday night should be "period movie night." A nice way to wind down the weekend and savor one last bit before the week begins...


  1. We don't have a television, but we do get Netflix for our computer viewing. I really loved Cranford. The only time I've ever regretted the no TV thing was when I missed the month of Jane Austen. I need to just get them from Netflix. Somehow, though, it feels like cheating.

  2. Sunday evening..."Little D"...we are hooked. And I agree, should be something this good every Sunday evening!



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