Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Katrin Cargill

I was so excited to discover Katrin Cargill's site yesterday after seeing some of her pictures featured on Linda's blog. I have loved Katrin ever since I picked up her book The Curtain Bible a few years ago.

Finding this book in the clearance section at Barnes & Noble was like finding a design life raft.
At the time of it's discovery I was drowning in designer self-doubt, and frustration. I was working as an assistant to another designer in town, and everything we were doing -including the curtains- was big and overwrought or cold and modern. All the materials we were using were heavy, dark, expensive, & excessive. I felt completely lost & hopeless in a see of brocade and taffeta and bead trim.

Katrin's book was a breath of fresh air for me.
Here was someone who designed curtains the way I thought they should look, out of simple, beautiful, charming, & fresh fabrics. And almost always with a whimsical twist somewhere in the design... Nothing stuffy or dark and too serious. Instead she offered curtain ideas that were light, and airy and real life ready....

Turns out, she designs a lot more than just curtains...

Don't you just want a swing like this in your backyard?

Or how about a picnic like this? I have a red plaid flannel blanket that I think is begging for a G monogram. What do you think?

The simplicity is breathtaking.

Don't you love the clean layers & repetition?
Wouldn't that be the best bunk house ever?
Now that is what camp should look like!

If you get the chance you should visit her website and see all her other lovely creations, they will inspire I promise!


  1. Oh I love those beds! I think I have to buy this book~

  2. Oooh...such beautiful pictures! And with two little boys, that bunk house picture gives me inspiration for future rooms for them! I completely agree with you about curtains - I absolutely hate the formal, stuffy idea of what window treatments "should" be. I much prefer simple, pretty & light curtains! What a great book!

  3. oooh, I gotta get me that book!

  4. I just love all of your pics and the inspiration!! Love visiting your blog and can't wait for each new post!! Thanks!

  5. Cool!
    I love all of the photos!
    Have a great day!

  6. i must go check out her book. Everything looks so beautiful. Karin


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