Thursday, April 02, 2009

a few fun pictures on a gray rainy day...

Here are a bunch of happy, bright pictures I just had to share today...
The weather is rainy and gray outside, but in Blogland it is sunny and cheerful today!
can you imagine all the windows?
heaven! I love how airy this is... I think I stole this off of Just Beachy's site

the perfect place to nap and read...ahhhh

dream country house

dream front porch of all time

(country home)

(Anthropologie window, picture found on Flikr.)

one of the great inspirations for a design space...

great, great sink/chest/wall at Meg's house

wonder if anyone has done a sink in a chest in a kitchen before...hmmm

my dream couch lives at Jennifer's house...


  1. Oooh...ahhh! I absolutely love that house and porch - they're perfect! And if I had a bathroom like Meg's, I'd lock myself in there for hours at a time! Thanks for the beautiful pics - it's gloomy & rainy & chilly here too!

  2. I adore that first picture. It is just want I want in my dream house!

  3. That couch is so much better than my huge brown beast. (But hey, kids + cats = big brown beast for now, lol!)

  4. Must... touch... Anthropologie mannequin...

  5. I can't tell you how badly i want to sit in the spots in those first two pictures. Dreamy!


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