Friday, March 13, 2009

Springin' Up

So I took everyone's lovely and wonderful advice (and encouragement!) and have been resting up a little more this week. Lots of getting in bed early (for me) and saying "no" to a few things (so unlike me!)
The doctor said that this silly mono thing is just going to take some time. Some days I feel fine, some days it requires a little more rest. I guess I will just have to take it all one day at a time.
Another important life lesson no?
One way that I rest is by fluffin my own nest, so I took some time to do just that, and got out the Easter decorations and fluffed the dining room a bit. It was so much fun unpacking it all, enjoying the sunny warm weather that was pouring in through windows and screen doors...
Of course the very next day it was 30 degrees and raining sideways, but at least it was bright, sunny and springy inside!


  1. Good for you! Love your nest fluffing. I guess it is about time to get that Easter stuff out. Maybe next week. You make it look so tempting.

  2. "Fluffin my own nest." Love that.


  3. Hope your feeling better. Like your nest fluufing~~~

  4. So gorgeous and springy! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing:)
    Tara Frey

  5. Found your blog through Tara's blog. Very pretty Spring decorations. I am going to start soon.

    I need to get some eggs so I can dye and decoupage them.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Glad you are resting. And fluffing. Your new banner is your best ever. I love the three words ways that you describe yourself. It makes me wonder what I would say about me. We all seem to wear so many hats. I also love your new About Me section. From a long time reader (about a year) of your blog, I'd say that it just about sums up this blog. Take care. Be well.

  7. i love how your hutch is lit up! what a clever idea. darling decorations!! :)


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