Monday, March 30, 2009

spring inspiration

here is my mood board for spring...

and a poem that I have recently stumbled across.

I don't usually love poetry. I am too literal, too visual. Poetry is so often about eluding to something, not spelling it out and I really like things to be spelled out. But this poem, that I recently found in an old book at the Library called "Poems of Prayer," was particularly lovely to me, and is one I keep returning too time and time again. So I have included it with the pictures of the mood board. Though they really have nothing to do with each other, other than have been part of Springs arrival for me...

Like a bird that trails a broken wing,
I have come home to Thee;
Home from a flight and freedom
That was never meant for me.

And I, who have known far spaces,
And the fierce heat of the sun,
Ask only the shelter of Thy wings,
Now that the day is done.

Like a bird that trails a broken wing.
I have come home, at last...
O hold me to Thy Heart once more,
And hide me from the past.

Ellen Gilbert


  1. J, I recognize Alicia's studio photos up there... Absolutely Spring personified!

  2. Hi Jerusalem ~
    Came over for a fix ~ and I got one! Your blog is always so wonderful for my soul! Love the colors on your new inspiration board and I love the poem! They go together beautifully! Happy Spring! Katie

  3. What a beautiful poem. I'm so glad you shared it. Your inspiration board is so fun! As always, I love your style!

  4. Totally gorgeous and refreshing! My Emma has become obsessed with poetry and walks around reciting it to me almost non stop!

  5. You always have the yummiest images. Always. Happy Spring.


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