Saturday, March 07, 2009

Job Perk

Yesterday a co-worker and I spent the day with children's librarians and clerks from around the state for the annual Children's Services Workshop. It was a fun day, with lots of great ideas and some very enthusastic librarians cracking us all up with their storytelling prowness.
Can you guess what my favorite part of the day was? Yup, discovering tons and tons of new books (at least new to me) and getting paid to read them, check them out, & take notes about them. Oh, and all the free coffee. That part wasn't bad either.
This year the summer reading program theme is "Be Creative @ the Library" so most of the displays were about just that - all things creative. From theatre, to photography, to quilting, music and more, there were all sorts of great books for kids about the more "creative" side of life.

Here are the books that I feel in love with and hope to use this summer:

Imagine by Norman Messenger
You can't tell from the picture but this book has really cook flaps that you can mix-n-match. And the art work is outstanding!

Twelve Hats for Lena by Karen Katz
This is a Month - of -the-Year Book and I think it would be a really fun way to tie a craft to a book, by having kids create a hat each month.

Smile Princispessa!
this one is weaves together elements about photography and the family dynamics of welcoming a new member in. Extremely cute and colorful and full of character!

Scrambled States of America TALENT SHOW
My kids love the first Scrambled States of America book, and this one does not disappoint either.
I think this would be a fun book to tie into 4th of July with the kids...

Papa and the Pioneer Quilt

I am hoping we can do some sort of quilt project, even it is a paper quilt to hang on the library wall.
There are lots and lots of great Quilt themed books for kids, but this my favorite this week. The artwork is soothing, and the story sweet.

I loved this books humor, artwork and all. I would love to do some sort of project where the kids build the 39 apartments over the summer out of large match boxes or something similar.. wouldn't that be cute?
Thanks for indulging this extra long book post. Believe it or not I cut the list by half -but I did list all of the ones I love in my Kids & Such section of my Amazon Shop- if you want to go check them out there!
I hope maybe a few of these sparked some creative ideas for you, as they did for me!


  1. Hi Thanks for the comment on my bloggy. Lovely blog you have. Denise

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I cannot get enough of childrens' book recommendations. I noticed you have the Jesus Storybook on your Amazon list. I love that one - makes me cry almost every time we read it.

  3. Oooo... I adore your book posts. They can't be too long. Hey, on my blog (about two weeks ago) I posted a project inspired by a book by Karen Katz. I think you'd like it.


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