Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i love paris in the springtime

well, I think I would anyway. I haven't been yet, so I can't say for sure.

BUT my little sis Jemimah and my Mother are there today and I am thinking of them, and how much fun they must be having together - the 2 peas in a pod that they are- and how I am only winsy bit jealous. But not really, because what I really am, is extremely grateful for this time they have together and that my sweet mother- who never does much for herself at all, but is always doing for others- got to go on this amazing adventure! I cannot wait to read her blog updates all about it!

To celebrate their grand Paris adventure I created a whimsical 2 tiered Eiffel Tower Mobile.

This is a play on an idea I have had for a year, since my trip to Juneau last Spring, when I created something similar for baby Ellis' nursery...

It was great to get this out of my head and into my hands, and I had fun making it while thinking of all the wonderful experiences Mom and Jemimah are sure to be having!!
They were the perfect inspiration!


  1. I never did get you a photo of Ellis' mobile, did I? Yeah, I suck :) I actually need to re-hang it because too-tall Adam kept bumping his head on it, so I took it down to re-hang, and then it got crooked, and then...well, you know how days turn into weeks turn into months...

    Speaking of sucking, I got Heather Armstrong's book today ~ Hearthside actually had a copy! If you can hold out on buying a copy for yourself, I was going to get you one at her book signing. I had meant to surprise you, but just realized you may buy a copy on your own. :)

    hugs ~

  2. Love your mobile! Actually better than anything I saw in the real Paris. No kidding! Love you


  3. exactly this week only 6 yrs ago,i was in love with paris for the first time...it is beautiful in springtime just like you my friend. its ok to be a winsy bit jealous, i'm positively green...

  4. oooohhhh, this just brought a smile to my face. To know that your mom and sis are walking around in Paris right now made me swoon with memories.
    I've only been there in the autumn but I'm sure it's always amazing!
    Can't wait to see pics :)

  5. I love your mobile of paris.. It so makes me miss Paris.. I want to go back.. I was there in the Spring time and it was beautiful. How fun that your Sister and Mother are there.. Maybe you can go sometime too.. Really love the Mobile.. so cute and colors are great.

  6. Oh. It looks marvelous. Good for you on not being jealous. I am pretty sure I would be. I know they'll have a blast. Bet they bring you back something great.


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