Friday, February 06, 2009

Ribbon Sweets

Sorry I have MIA. I have had a bad cold/flu and fever for 2 days now. I was hoping to be well by tomorrow but things are not looking up... But I am able to sit upright long enough to blog. So here it goes.

Yesterday the sun and I where both up long enough for me to snap a few shots of my latest-for-me craft project. When you are a professional crafter, you don't always get to make a lot of things for your own home, somehow those projects often get put on the back burner for all the other ones you have to make to sell. But earlier this week - before I was sick - I took an hour to put together this ribbon garland.

I am in love with Ribbon Garlands. After I took our Christmas decor down, my mantle never looked the same, so I thought I better make one of Valentines Day as well.

I just used grosgrain ribbon scraps that I have left over from banner making and created this Valentine inspired garland.

I love the simplicity of it against the white fireplace mantle. I mostly used pink and red, with a little robins egg blue and mocha mixed in for contrast. I am already saving scraps for an Easter/Spring one...

For more Valentines Day fun, head over to Blissfully Domestic to see where I posted a Valentines Day Craft Party tutorial.

For some reason the link to the Love Notes Booklet didn't work there, but hopefully it will here.

I am off to drink more juice and watch some more TV. It is amazing how caught up one can get with their DVR collection in just 2 sick days.


  1. Sweet, simple, inexpensive and eye-catching.. Just what every craft should be. My grandkids would adore making these.


  2. Feel better soon sweetie!

  3. I long for a gorgeous white mantle of my own. For now, I'll just enjoy yours. Feel better soon.


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