Friday, February 13, 2009

library picks of the week

Here is a glance at what I am lugging home in my book bag this weekend...

All my dreams are coming true. Look what arrived in my petite library today!

I cannot wait to get home and pour over Alicia Paulson's first book,

I have already glanced through it a wee bit and can tell it is bursting with adorable creations and ideas!

This I have had home for a few days, but haven't had the chance to start yet. Spiritual memoirs must be my current obsession, as I just finished Take This Bread and Leaving The Saints (both excellent and riveting reads btw.)

Those Darn Squirrels is a lovely, funny, charming book for any kid (or squirrel hater) of any age.

From the art to the plot it is all a delight!
So there you have my picks for the week.... if your library doesn't have them, make sure to ask about an inter-library loan, it is a handy service most libraries provide!


  1. Thank you for coming by my blog. I definetly need to check out that book, "Stitched In Time". It seems to be very much down my alley...

  2. When you get time, let me know what you think about Alicia's book. I've been wondering about it.

  3. You know I love your book posts. Actually, I just leave it pulled up and open another window to my library and make my requests. Currently, I have Unlikely Lavendar Queen arriving. I'll start that soon.


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