Monday, February 02, 2009

Knock Out

I am thinking about knocking out walls in my house.
I have always been scared to do this because we have 69 year old plaster walls. I have no illusion that this will be a simple undertaking.
But still, I am thinking about knocking out walls.
Why? you ask,
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Because I think I would like to have a bigger kitchen/eating area...Perhaps one with some comfy seating? Or at least room to breathe?

(from Just Beachy)

I have a couple of friends who live in mid-century ranch style homes, probably about the same size as our house. Except they have knocked out walls, opening up their kitchen/living/dining rooms all up into each other, which allows for better entertaining - especially when lots of kids are involved. Which in our stage of life, they almost always are - which I love!

(from Wisteria)

Only our house isn't mid-century, it is a 1940's cottage/ranch/hybrid, and it's walls are plaster not sheet rock, a much easier to work with building material.

I am a little afraid that if I start knocking out walls, it will be a little bit like pulling a thread on a sweater, and the whole thing will come crumbling down. Or we will find out things we don't want to know....

So what would you tell me to do?

Have you ever attempted to knock out old plaster walls? What did you find?

Did you used to have separate living room/dining room/kitchen and now have a wide open space?

What do you think? What did you like better? Was it worth it? Would you do it again?


  1. vintagegal11:35 AM

    DON'T DO IT! I did this once...a big mistake. I have learned to love what I have ( it has taken a while). You create the space within the not recreate.
    That is just my opinion.
    Good Luck

  2. Oooooo.... thank you for this. I will definitely be checking back for responses on this one. We are in the same situation - 1948 home, plaster walls. My kitchen is plenty big but not a very practical use of space. The dining room is a little small and totally separate. I have dreamt of knocking down a wall as well, dreamt of a room like the pictures you posted.... ahhhh.... dreaming, dreaming.

  3. My friend's husband did this 10 years ago to open a wall between their dining room and kitchen. He was a pro though. It was a huge undertaking but it did turn out beautifully. I know there was a lot of structural stuff (pro word) involved. He sadly passed away and I don't really remember all that was involved except a lot of lathe walls. I would call someone who really knows what they are doing. If it was drywall I would go for it. I love that first picture, so pretty. Pam

  4. Just about every house we have lived in apart from this one we have knocked walls out to create more open living! I say do it, but get a builder in or someone who knows what they are looking for so that you don't bash down a major supporting wall! Rachaelxo

  5. Well, I was gonna say go for it but I am naive and have never done it myself. It sure looks easy when they do it on hgtv though!

  6. I agree that you should have a professional come look at it. When we lived in our old Glacier Hway house, I always wanted to knock down walls but Soapy kept telling me I couldn't because it was a supporting wall.... This house we live in now is so open and I really love it. I can be a part of whatever is going on in any part of the house. Definitely get some professional help, first. Their answer might settle it for you real quick. If they say it can be done--go for it!

  7. Since I make a big mess while cooking, I like a separate kitchen! But, I'd follow the advice of those who suggested checking with a pro first, then just do it.

    I'm fascinated by that color-coded bookcase!

  8. I have no idea, but, as always, I love your pictures!

  9. i have lived in both an older and therefore more closed home; and in a newer, open home. i love the open space, because you can "create" small,cozy spaces with so many things other than's funny, because a good friend of mine recently told me the story of how her m-i-l talked (for literally years) about knocking down a particular wall in their home. her husband kept saying it couldn't be done because it was a "supporting wall". turns out - it wasn't - and they are now enjoying the beautiful open space she had envisioned for years:) so, as others have already shared, get it evaluated by someone who really knows their trade and is highly sounds like you really want to do this. keep us posted:)

  10. Go for it. We live in a really old house with a huge open living space. I love it.


  11. Oh my, plaster walls...I don't know if I could knock them very timeless....

  12. I have no experience or advice to offer, but I have lived in both styles of houses and I really love the open style best. I have to say, I'd be scared to do it iwht anything less than a contractor on site. Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you decide to do.


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