Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hope Springs

So it is not quite spring yet. Oh, that it were!

But no, winter is still here, still lingering around the edges. Creeping in closer on some days, leaving frost on the windows , blowing winds that are biting, discouraging and grey.

But then, just enough to warrant attention, there are the days when winter has a sudden identity crisis, and it retreats, scampering away into hiding, as if somehow offended and frightened by the bright warm sun and it's optimistic outlook on the future.

I always feel a particular type of blessed on those days.

Those rare winter days that are dressed up as Spring, complete with sparkling light and soothing breezes. I am all too happy to halt my acts of productivity and sit in the sun, letting its warm & friendly promise bring me and my frigid wintered bones back to life.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and we will find ourselves officially in that Middle Place once again.

That place between an austere and contemplative deep winter, and the sparkling gregarious nature of Spring that comes with the arrival of Easter...

Surely, that infectious blooming of new life in hearts, gardens and nest alike cannot be denied or ignored - except perhaps by the most burdened and hardened of souls?
Lord willing, I will never be so cynical or blind, that I cannot hold hope in my heart, even for things yet unseen, like the coming another Spring.


  1. We had a beautiful spring day today also... birds singing, sun shining, however it started clouding up by the end of the day. Storm coming in tomorrow evening.
    Just a little taste of what is to come :)

  2. So true, my sweet friend, so true! Love you!

  3. Truly lovely, my friend!

  4. I am so ready for Spring love your pictures!!

  5. great post :) it's been sunny but very cold here the past few days. and since I'm too busy at work to actually go outside, I feel the sun coming through my window & pretend it's warm out.

  6. lovely words and photos!
    I always enjoy your blog, so inspiring and pretty :)

  7. A beautiful post. I love the way you write.

  8. Spring it seems as if it will never arrive. It is my most favorite time of the year. It always gives me a feeling of a freah start. Thanks for your pictures they made me smile this morning.

  9. Lovely post, friend - you are spring to me in so many ways. Thanks!

  10. So pretty!
    We are having a bit of Spring today, I will send some your way.


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