Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feeling Inspired...

Have you heard of Crown and Crumpet?

I think I have to make polka-dot shades for my living room lamps. OR maybe for my bedroom?
But I think I will have to go with black on white only, instead of multi-colored... But that's just me.
This is such an adorable shop/tea salon...
If I ever make it west I will be sure to check out this little slice of English life on this side of the pond.

It reminds me of my other favorite English import, Cath Kidston, whose new Magazine/Catalog I received today... Oh, what eye candy!
Visit her site and order a free copy today - you won't be disappointed, and it will brighten up your winter greys right away!

I would so LOVE these towels for my bathroom - aren't they the happiest towels of all time?


  1. I was just reading about this place yesterday, it looks adorable. This happy, English cottage look is right up my alley...hmmm, this pic reminds me that I have an old Jenny Lind changing table that looks similar to that shelving in its styling, in my garage, just waiting to be painted and put to use!

  2. Let's go & celebrate! Darcy & I have a surprise for you this morning.........www.mcmasterandstorm.blogspot.com!

  3. This is an adorable place! I was just in Ca in Dec. & this was on the schedule of shops to stop at well... we took too much time at other fun shops that We had to get to the plane but my Mom went back & loved it! She sent me a little care package of Addison Endpaper items from Crown & Crumpet! fun ,fun. Hope you get to go some time! blessings, B
    you have a Sweet blog. I hopped over from McMaster & Storm. Congrats on your prize!

  4. Thanks for the tip...just ordered a catalog! Maybe it will fill the magazine void I'm suffering from?

  5. I love you. I really do. I had no idea you could get free catalogs. I almost bought $20 worth of ebay last week. So glad I resisted the urge!

  6. Ooohhh...thank you! Last time I wanted one of her catalogs they were charging for them. Yay free!

  7. When I got this issue of Romantic Homes, I wanted to tear apart my living room and make it look just like this tea room! We are probably making a quick trip to SF in May & this shop is on the list. If you're good, maybe I'll bring you back a giftie.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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