Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trunk Show Love

My first little trunk show went well. It was a cold dark night, so not too too many people came through The Shoppes where it was held, but it was met with enthusiasm by those who did, and I was able to visit with each customer, answer questions about custom orders, pass out yummy cookies and so forth. Also I made some good sales, which I was pleased with.

On Monday, I will be listing many of my leftovers at Storia HOME, so be on the watch. Some of my favorites going up are the Valentine Day Gift Pouches that are hanging on the pink tree in this picture... They were last minute additions but I love how they turned out.

Also, I was able to debut my Eiffel Towers AND my new crowns, which are completely adjustable. I still have some tweaking to do on the crowns, but I am loving them so far...I am also going to be making some cake-topper crowns out of this same pattern, and I am REALLY excited about those!

The trunk show was a new experiment for me and even though it was small, it was fun, and I am looking forward to doing it again. It was nice to be able to visit face to face with the customers, and I think if I ever have my own brick-and-mortar shoppe (way down the road) that would be one aspect about it I would really enjoy.


  1. Such lovely things---as usual!!
    I LOVE your sweet mannequin face!

  2. Everything is so very cute! You are so talented....hope you have a happy Sunday.
    xo Lidy

  3. What beautiful sparkling treasures!!! I sure wished I lived closer! Many Blessings Dear Heart!

  4. How fun.. Love the Eiffel Towers. Some really great ideas. You are a inspiration to us all!!

  5. ohhh i love those eiffer towers !! such a great idea !! thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog !! hope to see you more !

  6. OH!!!!!!!!!!!! I want the dolls head - manniquin thingy. Is that, by any chance, going to be for sale? I am in love with her. Wish I looked like her, actually.


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