Monday, January 19, 2009

On Safari

In the living room.

How precious is this little boy and his lion?
Yesterday he showed us exactly how he bends and rubs his fingers between Lion's curls, and declared our fingers too big to do it properly.
Lion has been his constant companion since he was 6 months old, they are the best of buds.


  1. too precious!! I cannot wait for Ellis to start talking so she can tell me precious tales such as those :)

  2. It is the most precious picture. Remember these times because they do grow up so fast.

  3. Awwwww, sweet. Jack has his blanket, "dandy." For the longest time we were NEVER, EVER without Dandy. But lately I have started to notice the beginnings of seperation.

  4. the pith helmet is AMAZING... what an imagination!

  5. What a sweet boy.. I love your new blog header.. That is a precious boy.

  6. OK - talk about preciously perfect. What a happy, happy, sweet picture. Thank you for sharing your sweet little ones with us.

  7. He is positively adorable.
    Don't little boys make you swoon. I get so sad when I watch the home videos of my boys when they were little...


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