Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I am just not ready

to take down my Christmas. I know I should be, but I am not.
the moment will come will I will HAVE to have it all come down. I will not find it pretty or charming, only messy and bothersome.

But that moment has not come yet, and if there is one thing I hope to have learned in 2008 is that you should let things unfold at their own pace.

Sometimes that pace is a fast, energetic flurry, and sometimes that pace is slow and steady.

So for now it all stays up and I will linger in the twinkle lights just a little longer...


  1. I am going to remind myself of that...to let things unfold at their own pace.

    love ya ~

  2. Jerusalem,
    I ditto your words!!!
    I feel the same. Can't let it all come down yet. I want to linger in the sparkle a little while longer also.

  3. My tree is still up too! One year my parents left the tree up until February! My dad suggested hanging hearts on it & keeping it up for Valentine's Day!

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Oh that same feeling of letting the magic continue... I can not do it all in one day like so many others... Today I took my Santa/s down but left the rest of the season's magic up... All I know is every year I add another tote to my collection... is that a bad thing? happy new year!!!!

  5. Us too! I always keep mine until Jan 6 as is the Spanish tradition. My husband mentioned today that we need to take it down this w/e but I don't think I want to!

  6. March was a good time for me last year. Bet i can leave my tree up longer than you can. :P

  7. Good for you. I left mine up longer than usual this year, for mostly the same reasons. I'm trying my best to slow down and throw off the some pressures.

    I'm still sniff sniffing about the shoppe. I thought about your fun turquoise lamp as I was re-doing a pair last week. I posted about them yesterday, would love your opinion on the shades. I'm conflicted, loving the shape but maybe not the color.

  8. Me neither. Our tree is down because it was a huge, bothersome mess as you say...but everything else still sits. I'm still enjoying it.
    Vintage Lily

  9. hey i just found this blog. didn't know if you knew about it. happy after christmas! :)

  10. LOL, I once left my lighted Christmas garland up for two years, cause the lights made me happy! :D

    I only took it down cause my hubby made me, it had cobwebs on it!

    So I say, leave that tree up!


  11. such a great tree & a great entry too , wise words


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