Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Fluffin'

I have the "fluff" bug bad.

I have finally found a paint color for our bedroom, decided on new fabrics & vanity color for the bathroom, taken most things off the wall in the dining room to gear up for a re-do in there, and am plotting new light fixtures for the kitchen. I couldn't figure out why all of the sudden I had such a strong desire to start changing things, until I realized that come August we will have lived in this house for 5 years. I cannot believe it. We have never lived in a house for 5 years. In fact in my whole life I have only surpassed 5 years in one home only once, in Alaska during my teenage years. So you can see where my itch for change is coming from can't you?

Well, there was no time for painting or sewing or major project initiatives this weekend. BUT there was time to change up the mantle, and throw some fun, floral summer runners into the kitchen (found for only $5 at Big Lots!)

Guess that will have to hold me for now...
I am definitely deep into a pink phase again, can't you tell?
It is just so happy to me, like being surrounded by cupcakes.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I want to give a belated happy birthday shout out to my fairy grunge sister Jeanetta.
Monday was her birthday but we aren't celebrating till Friday so I figure I am good if I mention it today....(also I am going to throw in pictures of our latest Shoppe update while I ramble...)

Happy Birthday Girlie! You still look good - for a 33 year old!

(this is her modeling one of my Camp STORIA crafts....she is probably going to kill me for this!)

I am very blessed to have Jeanetta as a dear friend and kindred spirit. It is so fun to have someone who I can get crafty and thrifty with. Someone who can read my mind when I can't find the words, and who is the most loyal person, despite my tendencies to withdraw when I am in my deep-thinking or way-too-stressed-out modes. When I am ready to come back and rejoin the rest of humanity again, she is always there, waiting with a cup of coffee and some chocolate.

Having the shoppe together (going on 2 years in the fall, I can't believe it...) and being able to work on it together while living in the same state this past year has been a blast, (even when I haven't been.) I think that our friendship is like fine wine - we just get better with age.

It always amazes me how we can come up with the same or similar ideas without even talking. How much our children act alike (both good and bad, ha!) and how in the summer with all their freckles they even look related. I never could have imagined that our friendship would last this long or evolve the way it has, but I am so glad it has.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to our regular scheduled programing...

So are you non-campers sick of my camping post?
OK, so howabout a kid-centered post for a change of pace?

This is Miles, future Rock Star. He already has the faces down, I have no idea where he got them.

With school out it has taken us a couple of weeks to find our rhythm. First there was Quest Camp for Wylie - a program our school district puts on that runs 1/2 days for 2 weeks and is a ton of fun for the kids. Sadly, it still meant getting up keeping "school hours" in the morning, which did not feel like summer to me at all. Also, Miles is too young for Quest Camp so he was extra lonesome in the mornings, which translates into "extra clingy to momma." Needless to say, even though I was so glad (and very grateful) that Wylie got to attend QC, I was also relieved when it was over. Here are some pictures from the open house that Miles and I went to and where Wylie got to show off all his projects, and where Miles got to show off and be "just like Wylie."

In his Greek Mythology class Wylie created his own Pandora's box, in which he had to put something that scares him. Considering his current movie obsession, this was perfect.

He also learned that he is the son of Zeus and helped to build a family cabin with his other siblings. The book they centered everything around was Lightning Thief by Percy Jackson, which Wylie loved.

Next up was Dino-Mite a fun class all about Dinosaurs and where Wylie learned the fun -and stinky-art of Papier-mâché! Here is showing of his Dino Egg.

Miles was super excited to also get into the Dino-action and create his own dinosaur. So cute!

Next was snack time with best- pals -

which again, Miles loved - especially since he got to stand in line with the big kids and eat the same stuff they did!

After all that there was a little program and then we were done. Quest Camp was a raging success and now summer is really here.

This is the first summer I have had them home 5 days a week since Miles was a born. They have always gone to Mother's Day Out/Day Camp at least 2 days a week in past summers (or we had Aunt Ju Ju here to help.) However since I do a lot more work from home these days and because of the ridiculous cost of gas, we decided that it would make the most sense for them to stay home all summer. Of course that meant some growing pains and adjustments for all of us, and finally the creation of a daily schedule. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a hard-core schedule person, but I do like general perimeters to my days and weeks. A general idea of where I have been, what I am doing and where I am going.
So I think we have created a good daily routine that allows for play time, reading time, tv time, computer time, outside time and meals without feeling overwhelmed.

Creating this schedule mostly stemmed from noticing how much more aggressive the boys were towards me and each other after too much TV and computer time, even if they had only been watching seemingly mellow things Curious George and playing Super Why on PBSKIDS. Of course I know that after I have sat in front of the TV or computer too long I get "fuzz brain," and feel tired and worn out, not able to concentrate as well and definitely in need of some time to unplug and defuse. I have always tried to monitor their TV and computer time, but in the school year that is a lot easier since they are already gone to school most of the day, in the summer, those good habits seem to get away from all of us too quickly. So I have assigned certain times of day for certain activities, trying to be conscious to divide up & limit their media time more intentionally. So far (after 1 tough-ish day of complaining) this has had an amazing affect on their attitudes and they really seem to enjoy the structure, and the best part is that they are enjoying each other so much more...

Also, reading time applies to me too and I really love that!

Monday, June 23, 2008

We still got some bunks left at camp...

Register today - the fun starts tomorrow!

Purchase at Storia HOME
OR leave a comment with your email and I will invoice you!

(for those of you who have already registered look for an INVITATION -instead of a password- tomorrow from Camp STORIA to gain access to the BLOG, if you do not already have a Google account you will be asked to set one up. If you have any questions please let me know. If you do not see a an invitation make sure to check your spam folder!)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am an old fashioned girl with modern ways...

I just love a good juxtaposition, don't you?

If I had to describe myself in 4 words it would be these: Old Fashioned Modern Girl.
I love old things, I love modern thinking. I love vintage style, I love modern technology.
I love a room all done with pink floral cottons & ticking's (think Cabbages and Roses) with a big ol zebra rug thrown into the mix.
I love it when you find something vintage inspired that still feels so fresh and new it can only be described as feeling modern...

Here is what I have found that is just new favorite line of clothing...
Noa Noa

I don't know if I love the kids or the grown-ups clothes more. And I mean for me! The clothes, the vibe, the feel, the colors... absolute heaven to me. And if you go to their site, make sure to look through their "Look Book." So many more great combos and outfits.
So old fashioned, but so modern at the same time...

I was lucky enough to stumble onto Noa Noa by way of Sfgrilbybay
by way of Decor 8, both great (pretty modern) blogs that I love.

And encase you need further proof of my juxtapostioning ways...

Here are the 2 magazines I bought this weekend... And I love them both!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cathching Up

Well I finally went to the Doctor and got some meds and now I am on the mend! Woo hoo! Of course he went ahead and did my yearly lab work on me and now I have to go in and discuss my cholesterol levels with him. So exciting. But maybe this will be the kick in the pants I need to get moving again...

If you have ordered a banner and are anxiously awaiting it's arrival I promise I am making/mailing them as fast as I can to get caught back up... Everyone's banner should arrive on time and I apologize for the delay, but seriously, I was one sick cookie.
But enough about that... On to better and funner (don't you love that word that is not a word? Do you have one of those that you like to use? My dad is probably cringing about now.)

Thanks so much for all the Camp STORIA feedback! I am really excited to share this with the Crafty Campers that have signed up - and don't worry there is still time! Even though the start date is June 24, you can sign up anytime between now and July 3rd.

Here are a few answers to a few questions I have received:
- Yes, there will be a Crown Craft involved
- No, you do not have to be a skilled crafter - every craft/idea is easy peasy but still super cute.
-Yes, your kids could participate with you - most ideas will be very kid friendly ( or adaptable) and a great way to celebrate Independence Day together!
- Every project will have a step by step tutorial complete with pictures
- The best way to check out seems to be through my Etsy shop - Click Here to Register

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. We are this close to wrapping up baseball so I am headed out to the field to enjoy one more game with my sweet family...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Calling all Crafty Campers

Do you miss summer camp? Did you love the craft cabin? Do you wish you could do it all again? Maybe you didn't like to craft then but you do now?

Well you can, and right in your own home!

Introducing Camp STORIA

What it is:
A password protected blog that will feature fun vintage inspired craft projects (beyond Popsicle sticks we promise) downloads, recipes and entertaining ideas for you, all centered around a specific holiday/seasonal related theme.

Who it is for: Anyone who wants to add a little more crafty fun to their life!

When it is: Our first session - Camp OLD GLORY starts June 24 and runs through July 10.
Our second session Camp BEACH BUM will start July 24 and run through August 10.
What does it cost: $ 15 for 6 crafts and bonus downloads per session.
(here is a little tease preview of the crafts from session 1)

How to make it the most fun:
Sign up today and tell your friends to sign up, then get together and host Camp STORIA crafting parties or end-of camp reveals in your home, munching on s'mores and other great camp like treats! No bug spray needed!

How to register for camp:

Use this Paypal button or contact me for further info:

OR Check out at my Etsy Shoppe
(Passwords will go out 8AM central/standard US time on June 24)

Camp Directors Note:
This is a new venture and something I have been wanting to do for a long time. If this is something people get excited about and like, I will happily keep doing them all year and eventually host a real live Camp here in Arkansas...but that is still a ways off.

PLEASE let me know what you think! And please pass this info on to anyone you think might like to be a Crafty Camper Gal. We will even start a flickr group if enough campers register!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What I have been busy doing with my evenings

Nothing. At the ballpark. For weeks.

I blame my dirty house and back log of work and lack of consistent posting on this.

But it was for my kid, can you blame me?

I sit. I watch. I eat things I would never eat anywhere else.
It has been surprisingly a ton of fun, for all of us...

Though I am really, really glad that Miles is not in diapers or crawling. That would not have been fun at all.

Despite all the fun, I must confess, I cannot wait for it to be over.
He disagrees.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer in the dining room...

Hello all! I am still trying to come up from under this awful cold I have(yuk! enough already!) a pile of work and a busy social calender. I am very grateful for and excited about the work on my plate and my busy social calender (means lots of good times with great friends,) now if the darn cold would just go away I might be able to get caught up a little more and post something fun. For now, here are a few pics of some summer changes to the dining room that I managed to get done this week would I could not think clear enough to work...

New (old) white mirror added to the buffet, along with a blue painted thrifted lamp with a burlap shade (also thrifted.)

Some of my favorite summer decorations... my Summer Serving Tray (FYI -this is a Camp STORIA project...more info coming next week!)

And jars filled with river rocks and sea shells from past vacations and travels.

The china hutch has been cleaned and de-cluttered a little more, most of the nest put away for a while....

And Thrifted Swiss-Dot curtains add a breezy feel and let in more light to this red room. They are too short for this huge window but for now they will do...

Chole the Brave Dog has found her favorite summer spot by the floor vent under the white curtains...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Live Action Toy Story

The other day as I was working in my studio, I heard Wylie shout from the living room "Momma come see this, and bring your camera!"

Well I can't resist that sort of invitation so I grab my trusty camera (oh, so glad it is back and fixed!) and ran into the living room and straight into a Civil War Re-enactment.

I was quickly informed that the Toy Army was in fact the 13th Regiment of the Confederacy and that Wylie was leading the attach for the Union side.

I thought that Woody looked especially excited to be a part of this great battle.

Even One-Eyed George (as in Curious, and old as me) was in on the action, armed and ready (with a backwards plastic golf club no less.)

As you can clearly see, at this point in the battle the South was still rising...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strange Dream

So last night I had a dream about Candice Olsen. Weird I know.

As far as TV Designers go Candice is #3 on my list - Sarah Richardson and Debbie Travis being #1 and #2 respectively.

It's not that I love every room that she (or the others do) - a lot of them are way more modern than my style - but I love watching their design process and they are great TV characters. (Especially Travis who I love for her take-charge-take--no-prisoner approach to her rapid fire makeovers.)

But back to Olsen. Who I had a dream about. So crazy. In my dream Candice and her team show up and start re-doing my house. A tiny, tiny house that in no way resembles the one I live in now (not that my current home is big, but it is not tiny, tiny. At least not to us.)

Anyway, so the team shows up and they start loading in and loading out and I happily tell them to put my 11 year old sofa "ON THE CURB!!!" (Oh it was such a nice part of the dream...)

But then suddenly I realize that Candice is a very expensive designer and I have in no way made arrangements or discussed payment with her. And suddenly my stomach is in my throat and I am in full on panic mode.

So I call her over and explain the situation. "I have no money" I say, "I am sorry I forgot to mention that. There is no way I can pay you ." At this point my house (the house that is mine in my dreams) is only half-taken apart and filled with crew-people.

First she gives me this horrified look, and seems completely befuddled as what to do. But then suddenly she says "OK, well we'll just make this an episode and it will be part of the show budget!"

And that is that. I get a whole new house. Except I don't think I made it far enough to see the big "reveal." Instead a child with a nightmare of his own crawled into bed with me about that time and woke me up. Crazy.

If you want to have some Candice Olsen fun of your own you should go to her furniture line site for Norwalk and play around. You can pick your furniture pieces and then pick the fabrics and woods etc. It is quite addictive... See my blue couch and my red couch I played with? On this style sofa you can even choose the welting... Hours and hours of fun I promise.
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