Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Brush With Martha

Yes, that Martha.

Did I ever tell you that Martha called?

Well she did.
Well, technically an associate producer did.

And it was an email, not a phone call.
But still.
I had sort of forgotten (as much as one can forget about this sort of thing) about all this until I was unpacking some of my Christmas decorations last night and I came across the items I had sent Martha Stewart (via her producer) last year.

So here is how it all went:
Last November I got an email through Etsy from a member of Martha's production staff asking for me to submit one of my Merry Christmas in Whimsy Banners (and anything else I wanted) to their show for consideration.

When I got the email I first seriously wondered if it was a fake. So I googled the producer and the contact info she gave me and determined, that she was in fact the real deal. This was no scam. That is when my stomach did flips and my heart just about beat out of my chest and I called my husband and my mom as proud as I could be. Martha had called me.

After I got over the shock I got to work.

These are the photo's of the pieces I sent.

I took my inspiration for this little collection from the movie "White Christmas".

The colors, the jingle bells, the vintage sheet music... It all came from that movie.

Remember the red dresses the two girls wear at the end? That is what this red paper reminded me of.

I was pretty proud of my little collection (banner, crown, tussie mussie,) I must say.

One of the other things the show asked for was a list of all the tools I used and to write instructions for each of my items.

To help do this I took pictures of all the various supplies & tools that I had used.

I divided my items up into groups - Embellishments, Glues and Cutting, took the pictures and and printed them out on cardstock with a typed detailed list of what I had used.

When I was all done I packed everything up carefully - wrapped each item in brown tissue paper and nestled it all down in brown shredded paper and sent it on it's way to NYC.

Fingers and toes crossed.

Well, I am sure you can guess what happened, because you are only now hearing about all this.

Yes, I was rejected by Martha. Or her staff. I guess I will never know how far my little goodies made it up the production chain. But I would like to sort of think that is was Martha herself.

What I do know is about 2 weeks later I got a very nice email that basically said "Thanks, your items are cute and if we ever need you we will call. We have your info on file." And then my little package came back.

I guess as far as rejections go this was a nice one.

And after all how many people can say they were rejected by THE Martha?

Whenever times get hard around here, or I am having a bad day, I have to admit that it has become a sweet little comfort that my family gives me, when they say "yes dear, but you are on file with Martha."


  1. I would LOVE to be rejected by Martha (and on file with)! The items you sent are very pretty.

  2. wow! super wow! like you don't totally know that you rock & need a pick-me-up from your boys ;)

    hugs ~

  3. Wow, being rejected by 'Martha' is more than most of us can lay claim to! There was a scam here locally that Oprah was coming to our town to interview a middle school student who had nearly died of a staph type infection.It had lots of people fooled until the local paper did some calling around! You definitely have to be careful!

  4. WOW! I think Martha was a fool! She should have jumped at the chance to have you on her show. Oh well, maybe next year she will just take your idea, change it around a little bit and then sell kits at the stores and make millions! But, now that you blogged about it you have proof it was your idea!

    Hey, forget Martha, show us how you made them. I would love to have a lesson from you. You have most of it already done anyway.

    We won't reject you! That I can promise.


  5. I think your creations are beautiful, very creative. I personally am not a big fan of Martha and think that sometimes she just "Isn't A Good Thing". Ha! :)

  6. That’s still pretty freakin awesome! If it was me that would be the first thing I would say when I met knew people. “Hi, I’m Lisa, and I was a contender for the Martha Stewart show.” Well, maybe one day . . .

  7. Well... I wouldn't be at all surprised if someday crafty types everywhere were blogging about the hope and/or thrill of being "on file" with "Miss J." :-)

  8. Oh my goodness, You are very talented and I am sure they will come knocking again. Love your blog and all your pretty creations. You are awesome.

  9. Wow! I knew you were amazing, but wow! I'm in awe of your brush with fame.

  10. I think you are so so incredibly talented!!! :)

  11. martha martha martha... martha schmartha!
    you're way better than her sweet friend! prolly thought you would stand her up and all...

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  13. Martha? My gosh! What a great story. I dream of being rejected by Martha. I bow to you in awe.

  14. April6:53 AM

    Who needs Martha when we have you? :)

  15. Being rejected by Martha gives you full bragging rights! :)
    And you never know if they will contact you again one day! I loved your submissions!

  16. Wow! How exciting!
    ...on file with Martha! That's BIG.

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend away.

    Kimberly :)


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