Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Day

Today we are iced in, and have lots of cookie making, crafting and laundry on the agenda.
The whole family is home and even though it is bleak and cold outside, it is warm and cozy in here with coffee perkin' and muffins bakin'.

Here are a few more pictures from around my house as I get Christmas up...

I am not one to go in for every stuffed Santa or snowman that I see, but I fell in love with this Polar Express Santa from Hallmark a few years ago. He is very very soft and I adore his suit.

This is a bottle brush wreath I found this year at Big Lots. I could not pass it up. I used some aqua satin ribbon and some burlap garland to hang it and the empty frame up. I do not know what the burlap garland is really called, but I buy it at Micheal's in the floral department. I love this stuff and have grand plans for many more uses for it.

Part of my china hutch. This is where I display 90% of my vintage treasures. It is sort of out of the way from the kids main path of activity and rowdiness and I love putting everything on display with white twinkle lights lining every shelf.

The coffee bar, also in the dinning room. Most days I just use my fab one cup coffee maker, so that is what stays on the kitchen counter, but I needed a spot for the full size maker for when we have people over for parties, dinner or just because. This little chest in the dining room became the perfect place and now serves as our coffee bar. I try to keep the little apothecary jars filled with fun seasonal treats. Right now we have marshmallows and candy canes filing them.
The book pages wreath I made last year, and I added the small bottle brush wreath to the center of it this year.

Part of the dining room in soft glow. Playing with Picnik has been so much fun, and sometimes with you use the "soften" feature on a photo you realize why aging stars might prefer being shown in soft focus. It gives such a glowing effect that you almost forget the small imperfections, like the trashcan in the back of this photo.

OK, I better to get going if I am going to make the most of this "free day."



  1. Oh, did you get caught in some of those ice storms? We've never had one here. It's been cold; low teens; and I'm ready for summer already! Your home looks lovely. So cozy. Hope you're having a great Holiday Season. Love, Nancy

  2. Thanks for sharing about the burlap. I love burlap. And an extra coffee station in the dinning room is a great idea! I might still that . . . if I ever having a dining room!

  3. We had rainy weather yesterday (which is the equivalent of ice in CA) so we had a cookie baking marathon too! So cozy with the oven on and the smell of cookies in the air. I almost bought that exact same wreath at my Big Lots this year. Now I regret leaving it! As always, superb taste.

  4. love the bottle brush wreath. may have to make a trip to Big Lots and see if there are any left! oh! thanks for the link to picnick. Can't wait to play around with it!
    Vintage Lily

  5. It sounds like everything is cozy and comfy at your house....what a great way to spend a icy cold day!

  6. I love your pictures. Picnik is my new obsession :)

  7. I'd love to stop in for a cup of coffee! Your home is wonderful... okay I am "headed" first thing to Michael's for burlap... this is so weird, I was just asking my husband, where I would find burlap for bows, he laughed and had no idea!!! Thank you.. I was meant to read blogs tonight!!! Love the light fixture with the flowers!!

  8. I am soo envious of your ice day and getting to snuggle up and stay warm and bake cookies. Ohh I wish it would happen to me! Your house looks and sounds lovely. Blessings, Katie


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