Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crafty Christmas

This Christmas I had intended on being a little more crafty. I had grand hopes of making softies for everyone out of gloves and socks. I was going to make my mother and sisters cute little sock dolls that looked like them, and had little stories to accompany them... But alas that did not happen. I read the book, I made notes and then... well and then life happened. And ice happened, and sick kids happened, and it was just not meant to be. So instead I stuck to what I know best - paper. Here are few pictures of the one crafty thing I did manage to pull together for several family members and friends: A Quotable Candle/Matchbox Set...
Everyone got a different color set, best matching their home or decor or personalities, but everyone got the same 2 quotes - one for the candle, one for the box of matches.
I also used vintage buttons as accents on the candles...

And tore the edges of the quotes and some of the papers on the candles for a unique look.

All in all I was please with how each pair came out, especially considering how fast it all came together.
I think I am going to make some kits for these to go in my Lollishop for Valentines Day and Birthdays. Now that Christmas is over I need to get over there and get something fresh happening...
But not quite yet. I am still reveling in the post-Christmas calm that descends around my house after the big day. ..


  1. What a fun idea! Love the whole package.

  2. These turned out great! Merry Christmas to you too friend.

    My craftiness consisted of ric rack on packages. Oh and they matched my new wall color, does that count?

  3. Where does the time go! I was finishing the mini apron ornaments for favors the DAY of the Cookie Exchange party!

  4. Very cute and very crafty!

  5. I agree Jerusalem, its time to revel in post Christmas vibes for a little bit longer. And your candle and match boxs with quotes in very creative.

  6. I love this idea!!!! Very cute- and functional too.

  7. I love that - very cute idea!!!

  8. Anonymous8:48 PM

    cute very cute where do you get those plain glass pillar candles?? i would love to get some of those to paint on... plz!

  9. Fabulous gift idea! Rachaelxo


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