Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Week of Thanks

We are now entering into the Week of Thanksgiving and I think we should take this week to post about things - big and small- that we are thankful for...

This could not come at a better time for me because I am extremely worn out after 2 weeks of non-stop working and living life at a supreme holiday fever pitch, which is making me a little punchy and cranky. Today when I woke up I knew the end had come. My body and soul were just done with all that. Rest it is screaming, REST!
So today I took a nap. And it was nice. The supreme madness is over and now it is is just regular busy, which is fine. I like regular busy. And I am actually anxious to get to bannerin' later on tonight because guess what I am thankful for today?

My NEW desk! A beautiful heavy duty craft-perfect hand-me-down.

This 8ft white beauty was a gift bequeathed to me by a good friend after the death of her first marriage (she is happily re-married to a wonderful guy so all is well there.) Her new house didn't quite have the exact right place for this particular bit of furniture so guess who she thought of for it? Me! Let me tell you it is a crafters delight - even if it currently does take up the majority of my office. (Mostly because we choose to float it in the middle of the room instead of putting it up against the least for now.)

My favorite feature has to be the huge lazy-susan feature on the far right end. I mean what crafter doesn't love a great lazy-susan? All the things I need on a daily basis are now at an arms reach, sitting on this great little turntable.

There are so many drawers. Drawers for glitter...

Drawers for stamping supplies...

For die cuts and hole punches...

And for paper! All my paper, loose and in book form now has a home tucked away in big sturdy drawers. Oh happy day!

On the left end of my desk is my "tool center" where my large paper cutter and Ellison machine hang out. Again, perfectly located.

We moved out the pitiful card table that my tools had been on replaced it with my previous craft table. This is now my Wrapping & Shipping Center. A whole table just dedicated to wrapping and shipping. I feel positively spoiled.

Yesterday I spent the morning using my new arrangement to get some last minute Thanksgiving banners sent out and let me tell you it was SO nice not to be on top of myself the whole time. When I get going, trying to get banners made and mailed in a short period I tend to look like Clark Griswald on the cover of the Christmas Vacation Movie box, but instead of being covered in Christmas lights like Clark I am covered in ribbon and packing-fetti. It is pretty funny, well sorda.

So you can see why I am VERY VERY thankful for my new desk.
And it is cute to boot!

So this week I am going to try and write about something big or small, deep or silly, that I am thankful for every day and I would love to know if you want to do the same thing!

(PS- big hugs to everyone for your sweet support for helping me kick Velma to the curb, it is working!)


  1. Oh Man! What a fantastic desk! So many drawers...wonderful drawers!
    And a table just for wrapping and packing? That's my dream.

    I'm so happy for you. Its always fun to organize supplies in a new space.

    Kimberly :)

  2. I am loving your new desk and what a grand tour you gave us by showing your craft elements new home! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog tonight so much - you have been a busy little elf. Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving! Blessings, Katie

  3. what a great desk...

    i am all in for gratefulness!

  4. Gorgeous desk! I'm envious, but I don't have room for any thing that big. Love it! I'm going to post some gratitude entries this week, too! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have desk envy a good organized workspace and yours is perfect!

  6. gorgeous desk and gorgeous snap of you and the boyz-- here's what i'm so thankful for-- YOU ms. maam! You, with your artsy whimsical design that makes me smile daily-- You, a God-fearin sister born from the love of Christ Jesus.

  7. I'm loving your new desk. Wonderful. Wht a blessing.

    I'm also working on ten days of gratitude over at my blog. I love it when all our bloggy friends are thinking along the same paths.

  8. You are a very organized woman with your beautiful desk. It looks really nice. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  9. look at you all organized! it looks so wonderful, & positively inspiring! I think every woman dreams of a wrapping station....or is it just me.... ;)

    love ya ~

  10. Wow you are so organized! I am about coming to my house?

  11. Love your new desk. Looks like a lot of fun there!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. Oh my gorgeousness! You lucky girl to have such a generous friend. I love that lazy susan. Can I come play with you?


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