Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vintage Tuesday

Today is Vintage Tuesday at the Online Holiday Open House!
Lots of great steals and deals to be made...

Here is one of my favorite finds for sale over there:

a great Santa tin from England. The colors are so great and vivid!
Make sure you stop by the OPEN HOUSE so you can enter to win a banner!

Here is a sweet picture of Miles being my helper doing my little shoppe "photo shoots."
I love how all the light is flooding his face in this picture, it seems to capture just how bright that smile makes me feel, andhow it can light up any room.
This kid is my supreme snuggler and last night when he crawled into bed with me in the wee hours of the morning, I couldn't help but pull him close and bury my face in his hair. He might be my last baby and it is hard to imagine that someday it might be just Nathan and I in our bed together every single night without little visitors in need of some cuddling. Even though I might not get the best rest in the world sandwiched in between all my men -big and small - I am convinced that I get the best love in the world.
Everything comes to an end sooner or later, and someday so will the cuddling, so I guess I will trade deep sleep for warm snuggles and count my blessings.


  1. oh, he's looking such a big boy in that photo!

    I totally hear you on the cuddles; it makes me sad to think of the day that Ellis won't reach her chubby little arms out for me & she's only 6 months old!

  2. They do grow up sooo fast - 25 years flies by in a blink!!! You are so right to enjoy it while you can - he is adorable!!!!

  3. hi jerusalem ~

    thanks for stopping by ~ yes, it was wonderful!

    ok, here's the scoop...you will never sleep until they move out, and maybe not even then! i thought i'd catch up on sleep while away at SB, but as quiet and comfy cozy that I was ~ i didn't sleep! who knew i couldn't sleep without hubby snoring, electronics ringing, pets, kids (big kids) and their friends coming and going at all hours of the day and night ~ who knew!?

    treasure the quiet snuggles!
    xo heidi


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