Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Velma Be Gone

I have a new obsession. It is called Picnik and I found it throught Flickr.

It is the most user friendly photo-editing program I have ever encountered. It makes sense to me, it is simple and flexible and highly user intuitive.
Which is good, because there is no more room in my brain or my day for dealing with Photoshop. I just don't have it in me anymore. I am too fuzzy around the edges of my mind these days. But Picnik has brought some ease and happiness to my photo editing once again and I am so grateful for that, even if it is sort of a silly thing to be grateful for.

Besides my new obsession, I also have a confession I would like to share. I feel a green eyed monster rising up in me these days and I am not proud of her. I want to her to go back away, squish her back down.
Jealousy is not one of my bigger issues, but when she does take the time to make an appearance, boy does she make it!
Liz @ Mabel's House is having a giveaway contest to name your Metabolism. I think we should have one to name our Green Eyed Monsters. What would mine be I wonder? Velma the Vicious? Ungrateful Gertie?

But despite the grass that I (AKA Velma) have been eyeing lately and thinking that it is greener/more popular /lovelier than my grass, I realize that it in fact is not greener grass, it is just different grass. And really, when I take a moment to breathe and count my blessings, I remember that I adore my grass & am proud of my grass even if it is currently covered with a ton of leaves. And I am very grateful and that alone puts Velma to rest most days.

To that end I would like to take this moment to thank several people who have "left their light on" for me so to speak and encouraged me lately. Please go visit their blogs and sites and encourage them too if you don't mind. This time of year I think all of us can use a little extra attention and encouragement. Or is that just me and Velma?

So a BIG THANKS and HUGS to:

Gabriel for always including me and encouraging me no matter how busy I am...
take a look at her fab Vintage Indie Market - it is chocked full of GREAT finds & shops!

CeeCee of Womenpreneurs who included me in her cool new project:
Handcrafting Women of the Web

Amy from The B-Line who featured my banner on this post

Shelia from Lookiloos who posted another banner on this post

Cathy of Cathymacs Holiday Hamlet who came out on a Sunday with her sweet mother to visit my Shoppe and hug my neck! You made my day!

to Lisa from Lula Bells Daughter who gave me a great award ages ago and I never passed it on or properly thanked her for it.

and last but not least I need to thank Jeanetta who is my loyal partner in craft crime
and who puts up with my crazy bouts of uncertainty and overcommitted-ness.

These are just a few of the people who have encouraged me lately, and I do not need to let Velma and her self-centered ways cause me to forget all these gals and so many more - like all of you who read my blog, who pass it on to others, who comment & who shop with me, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to each one of you for making each day a little brighter.


  1. I love picnik! I've been having a lot of fun playing with it lately. I don't have the patience to learn photoshop again either!
    Lovely photos!

  2. Hmmm picnik sounds enticing! I think I have one of Velma's sisters visiting me sometimes too!

  3. There are most likely people looking at your "grass' and feeling the exact same way!

  4. Jodie you are a wise woman!

  5. Ah, girl! I think you're the bees knees. Thank you so much for the photo editing software info. I've never tried photoshop but I'm all over this! xoxo Jen

  6. i am going to have to try out picnik, b/c i am a photoshop idiot for sure.

    i LOVE the picture of you and the sweet!

  7. welll...just spent the last half hour playing with picnik...I love it. Was using the Picassa program, but this has even more features! Cool Beans!

  8. That is such a good picture of you... and those boys are so precious. And I would LOVE to see your pile of unpainted furniture. :)

    I think we may meet up later next month, at Wade's party?

  9. I received the banner I ordered from you in the mail yesterday!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! You are soooo talented! Keep up the good work.

  10. I am so happy you guys are all having as much fun as me on Picnik!!

  11. I'll have to check that out!
    And just know that I am DELIGHTED to "be there" for my glitter hero! I will be back to see you again soon! You will be sick of me "encouraging" you!

  12. my daughter found picnik a long time ago and we LOVE it! And boy, wouldn't it be nice to be able to turn "Velma" off when she starts whispering those things in our ears!

  13. Oh yeah, I am a Picnik devotee. This little gem is AMAZING and my photos are tremendously thankful.


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