Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Up Close and Personal Part 2

Sunday my little family and I took a day trip up to Eureka Springs
to hand deliver a wholesale order to the beautiful and lovely Gina from Feather Your Nest.

Eureka Springs is one of those cute artsy Ozark towns that has unique shopping, great food and that fun independent air about it that happens when so many artist and tourist co-exist in the same small space. It reminds me a lot of Juneau, AK the town I grew up in, and so it is always a lovely, somewhat nostalgic trip for me.
Having the deliver the wholesale order was just a convenient excuse for going this time...

Our first stop in Eureka was Gina's wonderful shop - Feather Your Nest.
Nestled in an adorable shopping old-town style shopping center on the outskirts of downtown proper, this shop is so full of eye candy and so cute I could barely stand it!

I met Gina through Blogland and it has been so great to get to know her - of course in my excitement I forgot to take a picture of her but I did manage to get her way in the background of this shot, behind all the yummy sugary & tinsely Christmas village items.

I love all these Farmhouse Laundry goodies. I would love a laundry room that had shelves full of this great smelling prettily packaged brand of cleaning products all lined up in a row.

In my opinion, a perfectly decorated laundry has got to be the ultimate luxury.

Here's Gina's kid section. I just love, love that Happy Birthday bunting and she had just gotten some more styles in from England while I was there. No wonder I love it - it's from England!

If I thought that it wouldn't be dirty five minutes after I bought it, I would have snatched up this great tea-towel bag - and it was such a great price!

Little kitchen set up. Look at all the red dots and stripes. I will take it all!

I love the sign propped up on this bench of pillows - great entryway piece.

More Christmas. Some of those little Christmas houses you see came home with me. My favorite is the one with the green "tin" roof. Too cute!

More cuteness!
If you live within driving distance of Eureka Springs I would encourage you to go - even if just for the day! And make sure you stop by Gina's shop and see what kind of new goodies she has.
This is as close to the type of shop that I would have myself that I have seen in a while and it was so refreshing and fun!
If you don't live close enough to visit, never fear - Gina sells lots of her goodies online , so go gather your pennies and get to shopping!


  1. OMGosh it's all so cute it want to throw up!!!! Just too wonderful!

  2. Hmmmm....Wonder if I can get my hubby to take a slight detour on our way to Branson next week?!

  3. The whole town looks delightful! I would love to spend time there!

  4. loving those stripey containers.

  5. Love your Eureka Post...I am planning my trip for Feb and letting my blog visitors help me plan my trip...I Love the cute one of a kind shops

  6. I have the cherry tea towel bag and tea towels to match. I use the bag to carry my lunch to work and the towels as napkins.


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