Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Today the weirdest thing happened. I am still not sure how exactly it happened. But happen it did. What happened was that I went into work at the library late. 4 hours late to be exact. I won't go into all the details (mostly because I am not sure about them, how it happened, why it happened, where the mix-up came from...) But my calender said one thing and when I got there my boss said another. In these situations I feel you gotta go with what the boss says. Hands down. And since my shift was only 4 hours there was no need for me to stay. When I left I felt so bad about it all...lost,confused completely, and utterly embarrassed and on the verge of tears. So I did the one thing that I knew would calm my spirit, and settle me down. I drove straight to my favorite flea market this side of town.

To me, there is almost nothing more soothing than walking around a funky flea market, in a half-trance, half- thinking mode. Just meandering, absorbing and keeping an eye out for bargains has this tranquil effect on me (much like what my sister tells me hiking up a mountain is for her. I can't imagine it is half as fun, but to each her own...)
And if I am lucky enough to find a bargain, well that is just icing on the cupcake...
Today my icing was white Christmas lights on white strands for 95 cents. Those and a dozen vintage Christmas ornaments for a $1.
When I could finally think straight again, my wits back with me, still confused about what happened, but no longer flummoxed or on the verge of tears, I headed back home with my treasures in hand.

When I got home I realized what a gift the unexpected 4 hours had become. Lately my days have been so tightly packed, every minute of every hour planned. Even my hours of fun or rest have been squished and squeezed and scheduled. There hasn't been much room for the unexpected, the spontaneous around here lately.

To come home and have unplanned time - time to plug in and spread out my new twinkle lights, time to sit in my squishy chair and eat a warm bowl of pasta, time to dig in the dirt with Miles, and time to sweep the leaves off the back patio in anticipation of tomorrows feast, was a gift of the richest kind. Unexpected and much needed.

Today I am thankful for small unexpected strange gifts that bring light and peace with them.
I still feel bad that the mix-up happened. I of course want to be a good and prompt employee. But I can't help but feel that somehow, the mistake, honest as it was, was a gift of time given back to me. I am so thankful I got to enjoy my home so much today, and that tomorrow I get to share it with so many of the people I love.


  1. Oh how your post touched me tonight. Made me think about how stressed and tight my schedule has been lately and the fact that I need to lay some boundaries and re-prioritize.

    Love your mantle. It's just beautiful!

    I stop by from time to time and always enjoy what you have going on.

  2. Jerusalem,
    I understand how you must have felt. I try so hard to be organized and on time. Every so often, I totally blow it. I feel so badly, but I try to think about what a small moment it is in the whole of my life!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh dear, i have been a bit all over the shop lately too, late evrywhere and missing appointments...I need to slow down...
    Your mantle is beautiful.

  4. I can only imagine how terrible you felt. I'm so glad you to the 4 hours for your own instead of feeling bad about them.

  5. You are doing the best you can We women must learn that we are capable of much but we need to do it at a pace of our own!!!

  6. Prehaps your body calendar knew you needed those 4 hours!


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