Friday, November 07, 2008

Holly Jolly Me

Look what I picked up just in time to get me even more in the mood for Christmas and my Holiday Open House..

This years holiday issue of Country Living is chocked full of eye candy, inspiration and holiday merriment! I really think it is the best Christmas magazine out right now!

I simply adore this picture of all the blue, red and pinks and know exactly where my own holiday decorating is headed this year...

While waiting in line to purchase my copy of CL (my subscription has run out and I have yet to renew, I know, silly me) I spied across the aisles this brand new (to me) set of Holiday Stamps from Cavallini. I literally squealed and bolted out of line to pick up a set.
Cavallini is hard to find in my neck of the woods (unless you order online from lovely shoppes little Present Past Collection) so I am always keeping my eye out for them when I am out and about.

Luckily Barnes and Noble carries a few of their sets each season (still waiting for the Paris set to make its way there) and for those who like to pinch pennies like me, if you have a B&C membership you can get an extra 10% off their already lower-than-average price.
I have the Birds and Nest set and it has already paid for itself with the tags I have made and sold.... And I just love how vintage they look, they are my favorite stamps by far and I cannot wait to use these new Holiday ones to create some fun items for my open house, not to mention tags for my own holiday gift wrapping... oh the ideas are churning now!

Guess I better get to work...
Cheerio for now dear friends!


  1. I just got my Country Living today too- now it feels like Christmas :)

  2. hey, i just received mine today and it's my last issue, should I renew or just buy it off the shelf?
    such decisions!! lol
    have fun reading and creating,

  3. Oooh! It looks yummy! I'll have to run out & get a copy!

    Happy browsing & stamping!

  4. got my magazine last night! Can't wait to get in bed and finish looking at it!
    Vintage Lily

  5. Oh I must add those stamps to my list too. Too perfect! That Country Living looks great. I haven't received mine yet so you know I'll be waiting at the mailbox now!

  6. Yummy looking issue! I haven't received mine yet but I can't wait to get it!


  7. I think the hardest thing about being a shop owner would be the jump on the seasons. I am barely getting my head around Thanksgiving. Still, your post makes me long for Christmas and all it's loveliness.

  8. Am also a Country Living Fan- and I will be off to my local Barnes and Noble tomorrow to look for those Cavallini stamps - thanks for the tip!!!


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