Friday, October 03, 2008

Pretty is as Pretty Does

When I was a little girl my mother would tell me stories about Miss Pretty. Miss Pretty was a lovely little girl that was lovable and fun and creative and of course very pretty.But Miss Pretty was always getting into scrapes. And surprisingly (to a 4 year old me) they were always the exact kind of scrapes that I myself got into. The twist of the story was that whenever Miss Pretty disobeyed her parents or did something naughty she would look in the mirror and realize she wasn't very pretty anymore, which was always such a devastating part of the story. But then voila, Miss Pretty would apologize, and promise never to get into that sort of scrape again and suddenly she would be pretty again.

My mother is a smart cookie and apparently I was a vain child and she knew right where to hit my little pride in order to teach me some lessons about obedience an self-control. I am sure that at some point in my early college years I looked back and found these stories offensive to my feminist-ic sensibilities, but as I type this I am wording if a set of Mr. Handsome or Soldier Strong stories would work with Miles...hmm...

Anyway, I have always associated those stories (which worked by the way, I completely bought into them hook-line-and-vanity) with the phrase Pretty is as Pretty Does, and I know that even though Miss Pretty saw her "prettiness" disappear on the outside, it was because of her bad choices on the inside that caused it. Somehow the message got through that a person's beauty does indeed come from the inside and reflect out, which is a pretty important lesson to learn.

But that being said, a girl still can use a few things to help dress up the outside don't you think?
I thought you would agree.
Which is why I knew you would appreciate my 2 newest (and last for a while) purchases for myself..

A new cover for my ugly ugly daily planner.

I love the size and style of my planner but I HATE the cheap plastic cover. And I don't know if you have noticed, but it is darn hard to find a cute, pretty planner that does not scream COLD PROFESSIONAL IN BLACK SUIT or is not so tiny in all it's cuteness that you can't even write in it... People I need SPACE to write all I have to do!

So when I stumbled on Misses Kwitty's adorable site on Etsy I knew I had finally found what I have been looking for for years. The Perfectly Adorable Planner Cover. She was kind enough to make me one custom to fit my particular planner and I love it, love it. I love all it's pockets and it's little place marker and above all I love that it is pretty and sweet and looks like me.

My other purchase was a pair of comfy brown shoes for work. We can't wear flip flops or Crocs (not even my Mary Jane Crocs!) at the Library and I realized that I was short on just nice basic flat, comfy shoes. So off to Target I went in search of something reasonable and comfy and above all cute. And I found these and it was love at first sight...


  1. Okay Jerusalem, here's the deal. Apparently I want to be you. I'm headed right over to check out the planner covers cuz I have been looking for that very thing and I'm head over heels for your new shoes and mentally adding them to my list. I was even telling Sweet Hubby last night all about your new job (as if you were a regular real life buddy) and how envious I am of your new job and cute little library. I'm like weird stalking blogger chick and I'm sorry. But I just think you are so stinkin cool and I think I wanna be just like you. That's not weird, right? Now what color are your mary jane crocs, I'm in the market for some of those too! Just kidding. Sort of. Hugs, Jen

  2. Your mother sounds like a very wise woman--great story!!

    I'm so happy that you love your planner cover!! Thanks so much for the lovely compliments and the link up--I appreciate that very much!!

    Smiles, Karen

  3. Congrats on your new job. I did not notice those cute flats on my last trip to Target.

  4. Cute, cute, cute!! I want. I want. I want.

    I totally agree with you that planners are either tiny or ugly or coldly professional. That's why I always have our mutual friend Katie (Ragamuffin Gal) customize my planner. What a friend she is!

    I hope you are loving work and transitioning well.

  5. Great shoes, your feet will thankyou for some nice comfy shoes at the end of a long library day - I speak from experience! and I love your planner cover.

  6. i'm running to target later today...the planner cover is too cool!

  7. Just love the "pretty is as pretty does" stories! What a smart momma!

    Your shower pics are so incredible too!

  8. I really love your Miss Pretty story...

  9. wow Jerusalum I want to have a baby and for you to be my best friend..lovely infectious and so so pretty....Jennifer


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