Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Picture Day

I am a bad mother. I forgot picture day at Wylie's school. Totally missed it. Didn't even cross my mind till tonight when I found the envelope and I thought "huh, picture day is this week isn't it?"

Funny thing is that I have a boy, and most boy's (as a lot of you know) don't really go into detail about their day, when asked. This is a trait that a lot of women see in their husbands - this lack of information sharing at the end of the day - and it frustrates them to no end. I would just like to say to my future daughter-in-law that I am doing my best to work on that with my oldest son, but from what I can tell, that habit was just part of the male gene package, because everyday I ask Wylie how is day was and almost everyday I get a "Fine," "Good" or "Great." Occasionally I get a "Bad" or an answer that contains a few full sentences, but that is a rare treat.

So todaym when I asked how school was and he said "great!" I believed him. And maybe it was a great day for him. And maybe he wasn't the only kid who didn't get his picture taken because his mother forgot to send in the envelope. Maybe. I didn't have the heart to ask. I didn't want to know the truth, on the chance that it might sting too much.

So now I am riddled with mommy-guilt. I would like to blame on it being a working-momma, but the sad truth is I just forgot, plain and simple. Work or no work.

I just wonder if Wylie knows that he has that mom. The mom that doesn't really "do" fundraisers, lets her kids wear mismatched socks to school, and never shows up to the PTA meetings, and has on occasion been the very late and very last parent through the carpool lane...I wonder if he thinks it is odd or normal or just the way it is. But despite my usual low-key approach to extra school things, I have historically managed to remember picture day of all things. Sheesh.
I sure hope they have a make-up day for the mother's like me who forgot.
Because I really do like having pictures of my sweet boy...
And I would really like to make it up, for him.


  1. Of course you are that mom. We all are. There is not a momma among us who hasn't totally and completely blown it. Most of us over something much bigger than picture day.

    What Wylie knows for certain is that he has that Mom. The one who makes everything beautiful. The one who listens to him, but doesn't push. The one who loves him unreservedly. The one who loves his Daddy. He's luck to have that Mom. And, he knows it.

  2. Those school photos are overrated. You'd take MUCH better pictures of him anyay.

  3. Hey, quit beating yourself up. I never did! Save it for when you find out your kids are in therapy!!! LOL Then you can sheeeesshh! LOL x 2 ... You're a GREAT mom.


    ps -- most schools DO have a make up picture day -- you can call TOMORROW and find out when it is.

  4. Jroo, it sounds like you and I need a roadtrip to Amy, Ark. Many years from now Wylie isn't going to remember you as being that mom who was late or forgot picture day or never did fundraisers (neither do I). Instead he's going to remember you for being THE mom who encouraged and fostered his early interests in history and photography and who threw the best birthday parties ever that made the rest of us look like "that mom." You're an awesome, talented, and inspiring mom, and we love you "bear of litte brain" and all. :) And typically there is a make-up day for school pictures, if not join the PTA and complain or just go to the pic place at Target and 10 years from now he won't remember, after all, he is a man...

  5. You saved him from having to look at his school pictures when he is 30. Get out the camera and take his school picture You take awesome pics. It will save you money. He will say thank you later on in life

  6. You're not alone! I am so that mom and I try hard not to be but hey- it is what it is. Last year I forgot picture day and my sweet girl was wearing whatever was on top of the laundry and I'm pretty sure her hair wasn't brushed. The pics were not so great but I learned a lesson and I'm quite sure I won't forget again. Sometimes we moms need to forget things to remember them next time!

  7. Awww, don't beat yourself up too much! Those school photos are usually pretty crappy anyway!

  8. No, no, no...don't beat yourself up! You are a lovely mum, and I am fairly certain your little boy thinks his mum is the best mother in the world!!!

    I have a friend whose little girl insisted on wearing just the undershirt beneath her pretty blouse on photo day. Her mother dressed her in the blouse and a skirt, but off it came for the actual photo! It was adorable, and I still laugh when I see her in the class photo (my son was in her class). The teacher tried to convince her otherwise, but didn't want to crush her spirit, so that's what she wore!

    Oh, and her mum did have her go to the re-take day, but also bought the original!!


  9. I second all your emotions.

    Great images!

    I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.


  10. I must be that mom, too! lol I forget my youngest son's picture day, too and because it is a preschool there is no make-up day...but thankfully, the teacher called me and asked me if I wanted his pic taken...and I told her yes and felt so dumb...I just had to pay when I picked him up. Thankfully he had a half-way decent shirt on ;)

    It happens!


  11. I am a mom of three boys and can't tell you how many things I have missed somehow. If it makes you feel better, he might not even know that he missed it and he probably really, really doesn't mind.


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