Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I know, I know...

For most of you it is way too early to be thinking about Christmas... But I myself have to get a move on and get to Christmas glitterin!

This year, I already have a few ideas that I want to explore, new ideas for new crafts and new traditions, but still I need a little more umph to get me going...

So I checked these 2 books out at the Library -

one for fluff,

one for inspiration...

And I did some quick image surfin' on my favorite catalog sites.

Here is what I have saved so far:

(from Pottery Barn Kids)

(from Sundance Catalog)

(Fabric from Reprodepot)

Anyone else nuts enough to be thinking Christmas already?


  1. Those colors are right up your alley, aren't they? Well, you might recall I recently confessed that I'm already listening to Christmas music which prompted an "anonymous" comment from someone about how my "rushing" Christmas is making it seem even more commercial than it already is! What-ev-er. I feel the Christmas spirit all year!

  2. Mom started stocking the Christmas Room in our eBay store, Yard Sale Mansion, last night.


  3. It is NEVER EVER too early for glittery holiday goodness!!!! :)

    I'm right there with ya chick!! :)

    Just want to thank you SO SO SO much for visiting my NEW home here in blogland!!! It has been such a stressful week!!! I am happy to say that I am finally settled into one address!! My second blogger address in 2 days!! Thanks to AOL! ughhh...anyhoo....you may have bookmarked my first NEW blogger address.....well I am here to tell you that I have a NEW NEW blogger address ..LOL! Here it is...


    Thanks so so much for following my lil blog!!!

    I am so so happy to be in my new and final home!!!
    Happy Happy Fall!!!

    luv ya!!!
    xoxo Jenny

  4. I'm so with ya...I love Christmas and I love glitter!!!

    I gotta check out that fabric store!



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