Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grab your hankies and your picket signs

Have you heard the NEWS?

This is too sad my friends...especially when I think this holiday season might be the last one with new and fresh ME Home Companion ideas to spur me on!

I want to organize, gather together, raise a mighty crafting-creative hoopla and protest this awful, awful news!

ME Home Companion is by far my favorite magazine hands down.
It is colorful, whimsical, fanciful, practical, full of great ideas, inspiration, encouragement and down right friendliness. I wait for each issue on pins and needles and I mourn the years lost when I did not know it existed.

Mary Englebreit and her team (a team I confess I have dreamed of knocking on my door, begging for my creative design ubber talent) are the best and the breitest of the bunch.

I know modern & transitional design is the "in" thing. I know that Elle Decor probably has no use for ME Home Companion and that it will never be the 'gold standard' of either the East Coast or West Coast design world. But come on girls, what about the rest of us?
Forget about red, blue or purple states, what about Mary states?
What about ME & me?

For years now I have been inspired more times than I can tell by what lies between the pages of Mary's wonderful little magazine. Almost all my copies are dog eared and worn from lots and lots of love. ME Home Companion has truly been my companion through these early years of nesting and creating, and has bolstered my spirit so much through it;s continued dedication to artist and the pursuit of an artistic life. I would so hate to see this treasure ride into the sunset without so much as a howdy-do from our little neck of Blogland and so I am creating the Save Our Home Companion blog buttons to show our support for Mary and her magazine and for all those on the ME Home Companion staff who have given so much of their heart and souls to this pursuit.

I don't know if there truly are publishers out there "trolling the Internet for evidence of support for the magazine" (to quote Julie of Jane's Apron fame) but if there are indeed, then perhaps they will hear our cry and rescue our Home Companion from extinction!
If you want to join in my protest, just copy this button and link back to this post and leave a comment with a link to your blog so we can all visit! Also, please feel free to create your own button (in the true spirit of Home Companion) and share it with us, and if you write a post filled with your support (for the magazine) and your outrage (at it's impending doom) be sure to let us know so we can come rally at your blog too!

Maybe we can make a small difference with our collaborative creative outcry... you just never know.

*All pics used are from the ME Home Companion website and are just a tiny tiny portion of all the great work they have done over the recent past!


    Can you imagine how less stuffy the oval office would look?

  2. You might want to start a Save Our Home Companion community on Facebook ... Judea can show you how. : )

  3. I know girl! I'm so, so sad too. I'll put your button on my blog and post about it later today. This is hands down my favorite magazine and I just don't know how they could do this to me!

    By the way, how is the library gig going? Hugs, Jen

  4. NO!!!!!!!! Please don't take our Home Companion away...PLEASE!!!

  5. This is the first I've heard about this I have been a subscriber for many years. I've saved most of my copies too.
    HC had just the right mix of creativity, decor and crafts.
    What about all of those cute paper dolls!
    So sad.

  6. Oh no! I've been aware of ME, of course, for years and years but only recently began to read HC and like you it is one of my favorite magazines!
    Always fun, always a good mix of information, shopping and inspiration and great color stories...not just one particular style.

    I'll be putting your button on my blog at

  7. As I scrolled through your post, I kept saying "oh, I remember that picture...and that one too, and that one". Will post your button!

  8. Oh no!!! Say it isn't so! This is my favorite magazine too. My mother has gotten it since day 1. I'll be sure to post your button and hope for the best!

  9. oh my, this has been my fav magazine for years, one of them anyways!! I have some of her paperdoll art (from her magazine) in frames for my daughther, they are so fun!

    I also wanted to let you know that we are having another drawing on Aged Vintage Papier! All can enter, as many times as they want!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I hadn't heard this. That is too sad. ME is one of my favorite mags!

  11. I had no idea. ME is a total inspiration to me- her magazine is the best and ONLY one that I love and read over and over. Thanks for the info. I will add the button to my site.

  12. I am flabbergasted; my favorite magazine (and I get plenty of them) and of course I gave many of her books as well. I am saving the button and will post it soon.


  13. You really caught me off guard with this news. I have kept all my issues beginning with the first one. I'll be adding this button to my blog with a post to follow. Debbie

  14. I've added this button and a post on the subject to my blog. I have every issue of this wonderful magazine and would be so sad if it did, indeed, stop publication. Thanks so much for the information!

    Claudia at

  15. I added your button as well. I think I have been missing out!

  16. I posted on my blog as well!
    Vintage Lily

  17. I can't believe it either...I have every issue since 1996 and I'm practically in tears....

    Boo hoo...

  18. I know there is worst news in the world, but this ranks right up there...

  19. Noooo! It's all my fault. Why didn't I renew early?!!.
    I've posted about it too and can only hope that it makes a difference.


  20. ~Mary said~ & I quote~
    "Proud to be cute!"
    I have Mary Mags., Mary Books, Mary Teapots & cups~ Mary, Mary, Mary!!!
    Not crazy all over the place Mary~But~ just the right amount~

    I have been a Mary Fan from the beginning~ I have her 1st. mags.

    She has done so much for the craft world~ she helped bring crafting & cuteness the respect it deserves.

    She is the pioneer of all this wonderful craftiness that women are doing right now~
    Even having their own businesses.Working from home ~ finding that inner craft, that was asleep down inside of each crafty lady out there. She has helped bring back lost arts, needle work, knitting, painting, pretty stuff~ that make people happy~
    Allowing woman to go back to old fashion ways~ with a very new twist~
    I join you in your protest!
    ~I will add your button~ And post about this too~

  21. *sigh* I know. When I read the news on another blog, it just made me sad. Then mad. Why is the bottom line always money. Why can't it be about quality? Something unique? Something wonderful? I'm on board for this! As, like you, MEHC is one that I never toss. And often look back through old issues by season. Thanks for a great post.


    Say it isn't so!
    Oh what is life going to be like without Mary in our mail boxs, full of awesome pictures and tons of inspiration!
    Mary you can't leave us!
    WE NEED YOU!!!!!

    I am going to post and protest too!

    Thanks for the not so great news!

    Sad and stomping my feet!

  23. Thanks for the info, this is the first I have heard of this. I have a subscription but haven't been notified yet. I've added your button and will pray for them to find a new publishing partner. Maybe if all artists out there bought a subscription we could save the magazine? just a thought. Blessings, Laura

  24. I heard they are just looking for a new publisher, I don't think the magazine is ending. I just renewed my subscription.

  25. Oh, my...I think I have every single issue of Home Companion. Usually I keep my magazines and pass them on but not my ME...I will join you cause and post your button thank you

  26. I have kept everyone one my ME magazines and yes everyone of those pictures in your Post really reminded me of all the great articles that have inspired me! I sure hope this is not True please tell me it really is not so!

  27. I am adding the button!


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