Monday, October 06, 2008

Baby Big Top

There is nothing like a party to get your creative juices flowing...
Sunday Jeanetta and I threw our friend Becky a baby shower...

It was a small, simple affair at my house, with lots if yummy treats to eat and time for visiting with friends and family.
Becky is a lover of vintage goodies like us, and had picked out super cute retro inspired fabrics in stripes and dots for Baby Spencer's nursery, so we chose the loose theme of "Vintage Circus" for her shower. You know I have to have a theme!

Here is Spencer's very own banner.

And the mantle with the Hanging BABY letters on the XL circles.
I haven't made many things with these circles yet, but for shorter names and larger impact, I think they would be super cute as banners don't you?

My living room stuffed with every chair I could find. Notice the new old chaise? It is on permanent loan from a friend who remarried and had to pass some furniture on to some lucky souls like myself. I love it in that corner under the window. My new favorite reading & thinking spot.

The dining room partied up. I love the red walls in this room, but it's small and with only one window that is completely shaded by a huge oak tree, it is very hard to get good pictures in this room... But you get the idea - lots of streamers & colors & yummy food. Including my sweet man's homemade bread - thanks sweetie!

The colorful cupcakes w/ lollipop toppers.

My Hot Air Balloon Lamp as a centerpiece,. with a few little wind up circus toys stuck in the basket with some orange festooning (what I call fringe trim.)

After it was all over, Becky, Jeanetta and I put our feet up and rested. I love how Jeanetta's shoe coordinated so well with my living room in this picture. Like she dressed just to coordinate.

Being the party co-hostess I never managed to get a picture with my sweet friend , but I did manage to get a picture of our feet up.. which really, at the end of the day, I think we can agree, was the best part.


  1. LOVE it!!!!! Very good job! The banner is adorable and the table looked fabulous.

  2. Wow, everything is so cute! You can throw a party for me anytime!

  3. Yes of course you know that coordinating with your house is my ultimate joy in life.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I think we had moved to domestic by this point.

  6. you are the queen of baby showers! I still need to hang Ellis' banner in her room. but, it has made it from my basket of shower-memorabilia-to-deal-with to her room, so that's progress, right?? :)

  7. The banner is SO cute!!! Is his mom going to put it in his room? It will be darling.

  8. Your decorations are so cute! I can't wait to see pics of your kids in their pieced together Halloween costumes! We are going thrifting tomorrow to see if we can come to some sort of comprimise :)

  9. Girl, you know how to throw a party!!! I absolutely love it all. BTW, I'm coveting your dining room lampshade. Did you make it?

  10. Thanks so much for the baby shower love! Yes, Becky is going to hang Spencer's banner in his room and yes I made the shade in my dining room and I love it too! I really want to make some for by my bed...Maybe one day!

  11. Funnn funnnn funnnnnnn!!!!

    Loving it all to bits!!

    xoxo Jenny

  12. Oh, I envy you that chaise. I have always wanted one, but never had a place for one. A perfect place to curl up or stretch out and read MEHC.



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