Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ya gotta have friends...

It is amazing to me how much blogging has opened up the world to me.
How I have met, stumbled across, chatted with, laughed with, cried with, celebrated with, so many new and wonderful gals here in Blogland.
Some live in my home town, some live on the other side of the world, but still it is very very cool.

Lately I have had the honor of some of my banners being featured on some of these blogs-
Ga Ga for Garlands, an adorable blog dedicated to the love of garlands, banners and wreath
Cutable, which has cute & adorable things listed daily
Threads by Heather which features some great Halloween finds including a Spooky bracelet that I adore!

Perhaps the biggest compliment of all has come this week from Holly over at Pink Grapefruit Style (how jealous am I that I didn't think of that name first?) who named a lamp project after me! Her lamp turned out so cute I am inspired to make more!! Maybe for the shoppe event!

I feel so honored to be featured by these sweet friends, so I thought I would pay it forward and feature some of my friends artistic creations & lovely blogs, ones that I thought you might enjoy as much as I do!

First up is my pal and co-shoppe partner, Jeanetta.
She makes a ton of amazing things - aprons, painted signs, party hats, and now she makes these badges which she can customize for any sports team or event. Need to show school pride and still feel girlie? These badges are where it is at!
Visit her Etsy shoppe to see more creations, including her Halloween badges - too cute!

Stay tuned as I will be passing some more great blog links to you very soon...


  1. Bloggers are the best...and those badges are too cute :)


  2. Oooohhh!! I want that Razorback badge! That is sooo cute! And how great for sporting around town on game day!! Love it!

  3. that razorback badge is to DIE FOR... how delightful! hey, you need to send some of your super cute stuff to DOOCE (see my blog for link and hit contact us)- in her daily style section she features all sort of really cute things from ETSY.

  4. Love the badges~~~


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