Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Way too busy...So much has happened over the weekend....

I abandoned my husband on his birthday and Jeanetta and I had a booth at HarvestFest in Hillcrest...
It was a ton of work and I didn't do that great on sales. But I don't think most people came prepared to shop really, and ironically I did really, really great at the Shoppe just 2 blocks away instead...

Anyway I do not think I am cut out for Craft Fairs. One of those things - like working in a coffee shop - that I thought I would like because I like to go so much, but in reality I am a much better customer than vendor...

Too much rushing and cramming to get things done, get everything all put up and then you have to take it all back down again. Too much tension... Maybe if I sold smaller things like jewelry it wouldn't be so bad, but for my stuff I haven't found it to be worth my time yet...Maybe not my thing after all... Live and learn!

Did I mention that it was my sweet husband Nathan's birthday and he was at home with the kids? What a trooper!

Have I mentioned that I am officially sick of orange? This is the problem with having to do things early for the Shoppe and Etsy. Later this week I am moving on to Christmas and some pink things. I am oranged out for a while. At least in crafting...
Maybe if the weather would cool down and it would actually feel like fall, I might be temped to back, but our weather right now is crazy and not fall like at all. Ack!

But despite the less-than-stellar sales, Jeanetta and I did get to take all the things we didn't sell over to the Shoppe so it is all decked out in Halloween finery...Won't have to worry about that again soon... And we did have a great time hanging out and seeing all our friends who stopped by to say hello and we got to finish the night by attending a fab fashion show of all local designers including the truly talented and amazing Korto from Project Runway...

Yes, that Project Runway. It was the most fun I have had in ages... We almost felt like we were on the front row at Bryant Park ourselves!

All of the clothes were amazing, all the designers super talented. I would love to be able to buy any of the their clothes...

It's nights like this that I am so proud and amazed to live where I live. The Little Rock/North Little Rock area may not be as big or as a cool as Austin or NY or Portland but for our size and our location we have a vast pool of amazingly talented and creative people. And we are lucky in that our community is insanely supportive of all the artist, musicians, small business owners,& independent restaurants around. Our little city is small but any day you can walk down to the Arts Center and see a Picasso or a Degas, or you can go just a few blocks in the other direction and visit a Presidential Library. You can eat some truly amazing food and never have to set foot in a chain, go to wine tastings, gallery openings, indie movie premiers, avant- garde theatre productions, or just go hear some great live music... it is a very cool place to live.

Got up, got to Church, had birthday lunch with Nathan's family - I ate way too much and it was super yummy.
Then some napping was in order, followed by some lovely clothing shopping with one of my very best friends Amy to spend my birthday money on some new work clothes!
Back home to re-arrange my closet to make room for new clothes and get rid of old ones I don't wear anymore, then to bed because on Monday I started my new job!

My birthday! Woo hoo! I was awakened by sweet birthday kisses from my boys and lots of singing - soo cute!
Picked out my first day of work outfit (not too stuffy, not too casual) and went to work.
Mostly I did a lot of training and filling out paperwork and getting to know the building and staff and some of the processes. I did get to check out a few books and I have to tell you it was cute. I felt just like a library girl.
After work it was home to start working on Nathan and I's family birthday dinner. He cooked the meal and I made the cake. Rich Carrot Cake w/ homemade Cream Cheese Icing for him and Berry Pie w/ Ice Cream for me. I cheated and bought the Pie for me, but hey, it was my birthday!

It was a great - but very busy - weekend and last night I was so glad just to sit around the table with my small, sweet family and tell stories, eat yummy homecooked goodness and be together. After all the other excitement, that is what I really wanted for my birthday.

OK, that is all for this super long post. I promise to get back to more crafting/decorating/lovely things very soon! Thanks for indulging me...


  1. Goodness, what a weekend! Happy Birthday and happy new job!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Friend!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Friend!!

    Maybe we'll get to see ya at the library!

  4. I'll indulge you anytime. Posts like these keep me (the non crafty one) coming back to your website. I didn't know you and Nathan had such close b-days. And we're way jealous of your fashion show experience, we love Korto!

  5. So sorry about the craft fair. I keep thinking I would like to try my hand at it sometime but maybe I will think twice about that!

    Love your first day of work outfit. I was just telling my Sweet Hubby how jealous I am of your new job. Happy Birthday to you and Nathan!

  6. Your first day at work outfit is awesome! Very appropriate and cute ... Congrats on everything!

  7. happy belated birthdays to you & Nathan!

    hugs ~

  8. Dude... I'm crackin up! I so feel you about the craft show thing. I have decided I actually SAVE money by NOT being a vendor at shows. I don't have to pay for the spot... I'm not there the ENTIRE day facing all of those cute things I MUST have, and there's no cramming or purchasing of extra cute things to make my booth all pretty! So now I just go as a buyer and only buy a few things and I'm happier too! LOL!
    I still work in a few shows, but less and less!!

  9. Happy, happy birthday, Jerusalem! May the coming year bring you lots of health, love and joy!


  10. Happy Birthday, Jeruslalem!!
    It sounds like you had a perfect day, which counteracts the not so perfect day at the craft fair. You are so right: live and learn. Now you know, and can concentrate on what does work. Oh, and congrats on your new job!!


  11. Thanks for all the birthday love y'all! It has made my week!

  12. lucky girl Jerusalem !!!

  13. jerusalem,

    i'm so sorry i missed your birthday without SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS- happy birthday my dear creative supremely cool friend. its an honor to know you and to love you... i miss seeing you every sunday- give hugs to those gorgeous guys from me.


  14. wish you could be in our craft fair or teach in our place- lots of talent in this little blog! Love it!
    so adorable! Maybe we can buy some of your kits- I would love to talk with you about it!
    Best & Blissfully!


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