Monday, September 08, 2008

Some More Blogland Love

OK, so since I have been on the topic of blogs and blog pals that I love lately, I had to share what I consider to be pretty big news:
Guess who has joined us in Blogland?

That's right, Ms. Ashwell has a BLOG

I find it pretty amazing, that the world is flat after all.
Suddenly I can leave a comment on the fab Ms. Ashwell's blog and chances are she will see it.
I am an unabashed fan, I admit. I credit the discovery of Rachel's TV show for altering the course of my life.
I probably would not be doing what I am doing now if I had not discovered that show, it unleashed a flood of inspiration and dreaming in me that I had never been able to truly express before.
Even though my pallet and style are not pure 100% Shabby Chic, I still think the essence of what I do and how I approach things is very much in line with the Shabby Chic style, and if Rachel were to walk into my house and my little one-room shoppe, she would be able to see her influence and encouragement peeping through my design....

Another great thing that came about because of Blogging is my discovery of Etsy.
Not only have I been able to eek out a decent business from it, but I have discovered so many other talented artist and bloggers there as well...
If the well is ever dry for inspiration, all I have to do is go browse through my Favorites and suddenly I am lit with ideas and creativity and happy thoughts...
If I were Peter Pan I am sure it would be enough to make me fly!
Some of my current Etsy Favorites... Enjoy!


  1. There is an award waiting for you at my blog!

  2. Oh, I love Rachel Ashwell! Like you, I am not a purist, but I do have some of her inluence in my home. I will definitely check out her blog!

    Please stop by my blog give-away: Matthew Mead is giving away ten signed, hard covered, collector's editions of his new Halloween mag. Check it out!


  3. hi jerusalem! i discovered your blog when doing a google image search. your photo of the june '08 issue cover of country home came up. i have and love that issue! the floral slipcovers over plastic outdoor chairs are amazing. reading your site is especially fun because there are so many shared interests (i even refer to my husband as "my sweetie"). i am new to the world of blogging and just created my own. i would love any visitors. i even have a little poll going, if anyone would like to partake. awesome blog, jerusalem, i will be visiting again soon. xo elyse

  4. I've loved Rachel's syle since the start! I think I'm closer to your mom's age, and I like to say I was "shabby" before it was "chic"! So when Rachel put a name on this style I was right there with her (via books! LOL)! Your mantle is always so inspiring! My problem is I have a wood stove and no mantle. Oh well!

  5. I love Rachel Ashwell! Yay! How fun!

  6. Oooh, Rachel Ashwell has a blog. I am drooling on my keyboard.

    Your things are so darling and whimsical. I love them, and have loved being introduced to your blog today!


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