Tuesday, September 02, 2008

School Supplies

We spent the holiday weekend with my maternal grandparents at their wonderful home, on a wooded hill, overlooking a little lake. A place that has been an oasis to me since my college days.
Of course all of their homes have been an oasis to me, this is just the most current.
The fact that my children have 4 living great-grandparents, and that they are old enough now, that when my grandparents do pass, they will have memories of them, is amazing to me. We are all blessed to have this multi-generational experience.

One of my favorite things about my Maw is how she is both a purger and a keeper.
She is known to change furniture with the wind, but yet she still has a pack of staples from the 1960's in her desk drawer. I love it. Through the 3 moves she has made in my lifetime, she has still managed to keep the contents of her desk drawer relatively the same during that entire period. Odds and ends that I found fascinating as a child, and really still do. Maybe this is where my love of school & office supplies - old and new comes from? Perhaps.

Here are some photo's I took for fun...I think some of them might look cool printed and framed in an office....


  1. Fun photos! They would look good in an office. I was just thinking about that paste the other day. I have an old bottle but it doesn't have the rubber tip on it anymore. I remember using that stuff when I was a little girl in Sunday School.

  2. Seal and Sealing Wax, that means you're royalty right? Nice photos.

  3. i want the ink one in a big size. is it too early to think about christmas? hint hint......:) so artsy fartsy

  4. Cute pics...especially the rubber tipped paste one!!!


  5. Those pics are so great! I would love to have several of them hanging in my office. I loved the seal!

  6. Fabulous Photos!
    Sandra Evertson

  7. Those are such cool pics. I love that one of the seal.

    Your Maw Beverly is fabulous... the sweetest lady. :-)

  8. I have one of those wax stamps, someone made it into a keychain.
    check out my shop there is a pic of it~


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