Thursday, September 04, 2008

Good Witch Design

Well we fluffed our room at The Shoppes for Halloween, Round 1. There is still much more to come, but this gives you an idea of how much fun we have with this holiday...

This year I have especially had fun, stretching my creative wings a bit more, and trying some new ideas out...

Like my painted pumpkins.
My favorite display...

I adore how these pumpkins turned out..

And how they all looked in Jeanetta's vintage cabinet..

Small framed signs for those who may not have the same love for glitter as me, or the space to hang a large banner..

Bird-House-Turned-Haunted-House. I would love to do more of these - so much fun!
I couldn't get a good picture due to the light, but the roof shingles are covered in black glitter...

Don't be scared, all our Halloween stuff is nice and not too spooky!


  1. ADORABLE!!! I love the pumpkins to death, I am going to paint some this year....

  2. It is all so cute. I couldn't decide on a favorite!

  3. What awesome shots...your painted pumpkins are the best!

  4. Looks like sooooo much fun!! Awesome job!!!

  5. Oh! I love every last bit of it. You are one creative girly. I don't know why but I haven't been bitten by the fall decorating bug yet. I know that it can happen at any time though!

  6. Beautiful! Isn't Halloween so much fun??!! I've GOT to get into your store!! Looks like this is a perfect time to pop in...

  7. Your decorations are so creative and clever.


  8. Love it all and wish I could take it all home with me!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your decorations are great! I'm not a fan of the really spookie, I love yours though.

  10. Love all of it! I've never been a big fan of Halloween, but since entering the wonderful world of blogging, that's changing!

  11. It's all so beautiful! We don't have anywhere here in the UK where we can buy stuff like that. I'd love to decorate the house in those cute styles. All we can buy is scary yukky stuff. so creative, it's fab! Jackie x

  12. Super Cute Halloween stuff! I LOVE IT!

  13. lovin' the white painted pumkins
    vintage lily

  14. I want to come to visit your shoppe so badly! I love the painted pink pumpkins ~ fantastic!


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