Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dress Like A Librarian

So I am sure you know the first thing I thought once I found that I had indeed gotten the library job. Well OK, first I went all Sally Field and thought "they like me, they really like me!" and then I thought what I am sure you have already guessed...Oh, librarian clothes...A whole new wardrobe...I will have to shop now. Right? Picking out an outfit for the first day of a new job is like picking out an outfit for the first day of school -absolutely fraught with possibilities and filled with anxious excitement. Or at least it is that way for me...

When I said to my little sister that I needed "library clothes" she rolled her eyes (just a little) and replied that my entire closet was already filled with "library clothes." "Yeah" I said, "but I need new library clothes. It's for my job." Because anything you need for a job automatically justifies it right?

I have a little birthday money to spend on said clothes (perfect timing huh?) and so I have been doing some research and inspiration shopping in all my favorite places...

The Movies
I know You've Got Mail is not technically a library movie but it is based around books so that counts right? I have always adored - even to this day- the way Meg Ryan dressed in this movie. Her look is still great 10 years later and I love it. I will definitively be watching it again this weekend again paying special attention to her ...

Funny Face is another movie that has some book-ish qualities about it. Have you even noticed how Meg Ryan wears a 1998 version of this outfit in You've Got Mail? See, classic style, even 40 years later.
And regardless of what Tim Gunn says I will be wearing black tights and leggings all fall, you can betcha bottom dollar!

Mona Lisa Smiles is another great for style - all those sweater sets and tweeds, set off by pearls and red lipstick...

A little too stylized for everyday life maybe, but full of fashion history to draw from...

And so we come to Party Girl , the only true Library Movie I could remember. I have not seen this movie in ages but I think I better add to the Netflix list soon. Parker Posey young and goofy and very Posey-ish - most of her clothes are way to over the top for me now, but still it is fun to watch her transformation in style and character, and all against the backdrop of the musty dusty library...

So those are the movies I thought of - can you think of any that I missed?

Besides the movies I have also found inspiration at some of my favorite on-line sites...

Here are some looks I found from Sundance, Noa Noa, Anthropologie and Boden. All way beyond my price range, but all still very inspirational...


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    love the green sweater and the polka dot skirt.. I know what you mean when you say out of your price range... good luck with the wardrobe...

  2. Go for the Audrey Hepburn look and definitely tights and nubby sweaters, or better yet, cardigan sweater sets!!!

    You'll be adorable. Seriously.

    I'm rooting for you in your new challenge, although I don't know how you have time for all you do.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  3. Whatever you decide to wear will be lovely, I have no doubt!

    Butsince you asked, here are a few more "classic" movies featuring librarian: Desk Set (Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy), The Music Man, & The Mummy (THE MUMMY 1999 - Librarians everywhere applaud Evie's drunken declaration of pride: "I ... am a ... librarian!" This film features the best of the falling bookcases scenes -- and for once they serve a purpose, establishing character. ("Oops!") And though Evie is not a superhero, she needs to be included on any list of strong and daring female librarians in the cinema. This movie is one of the most relevant librarian movies out there, once you look past all that sand, all those things going boom, all those bugs ...
    Might want to check out some of the interesting librarian blogs too - coollibrarianblog; the bellydancing librarian; Glamour Librarian;

    Not to get political, but did you notice that when Governor Palin was first introduced as the VP candidate, people were saying she looked like a "Hot Librarian"!? I believe she even mentioned her glasses as part of that look!

    Can you guess that I'm a recently retired librarian?!!
    I always enjoy your blog and wish you great joy with your new job/career path!
    Jane - Jacksonville, FL

  4. You've Got Mail is the perfect library movie. I think!!
    My favorite movie, that I have seen 100 times!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. You and I have such similar tastes. Wish you lived closer so we could share clothes. Love all of this inspiration. I'm so excited for you!

  6. Congrats on the job! Now I have another thing in common with you--that is, other than being a Mama, and then wishing I were half as crafty.
    Love, A Seattle Librarian


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