Tuesday, September 16, 2008

6 Things

I was recently tagged by an old friend - perhaps my oldest friend - Becca. Our dad's were in seminary together when we were 4-8 yrs old, and back then I called her Becky... I wonder when the switch to Becca came? Since they graduated we have never lived in the same state, but because we had grandparents in the same town we somehow were able to visit with each other over the years and we managed to make to each others weddings - ironically the same summer - and through the magic of Blogland we still stay in touch to this day. (I.E. we still read and comment on each others blogs, that counts right?)

I don't feel like I have any more weird or unusual things to share since the last time I was tagged, so I thought I would share 6 pics that I have saved in my Ideas/Inspiration folders recently. I cannot remember where I found all these - if you recognize one of these photo's or they are yours please let me know (and if you want me to link to you or take them down I will gladly...)So cozy... I love this. If we ever get the attic fixed up I want one corner like this just for napping...

Amazing, whimsical, delightful. I want to make a dozen to hang on my back porch. When I get a back porch...

I have a dresser/mirror piece just like this one, only it is brown and is need of some work. I am trying to decide what color to paint it and what room it will go in, but I just loved finding an example of one re-done... And all the lights glittering in this picture are so lovely, don't you think?

Dream stove/oven. He likes it for the function, I like it for the red knobs and it's reflective quality.

I have wanted a white pedestal table forever (this one is Shabby Chic) and soon I may just have one - unless I paint it some other color... Oh the choices!

I adore this room. It is just so alive and happy! I love the paint on one wall and the wallpaper on another and the curtain pattern...

OK, so those are 6 pics that are inspiring me right now.
I am going to tag all of you and ask "What 6 things are inspiring you?" If you decide to play along make sure to leave a comment and a link to your blog - I would love to be inspired some more!


  1. As always, I love your choices! Thanks for sharing. And don't forget you have an award over at my blog.

  2. Oooooh, love all those pics! Very inspirational! I love your taste.

    Side note here - I found your blog because one time your mom (I think) commented on mine. Somehow we figured out that my FIL was at Ouchita close to the same time as your dad. Small world.

  3. I switched to Becka as soon as I moved North. Becky just no longer worked for me. It a shock to my system to even hear myself referred to as Becky.

  4. Oh, and I adore that last picture. I love LOVE love color!

  5. Oh my...I love all those pics, especially that white room with the lights. How come I can never get my rooms to look that beautiful!??

    Have a great day!


  6. Oh that last picture is just adorable...x

  7. I liked that stove for the same reason. The guy at the store told me I would need a hood that cost almost as much as the stove, so I chose a different one.
    Love your photos,

  8. Thats a great new tag to start! I have copied a couple of those picture into my decorating file! Gorgeous! Rachaelxo

  9. Oh wow! I LOVE, LoVe, love that last picture of the happy room. Want.

  10. What would you call this style? I'd like to look for some more examples. My favorite is the bedroom with the patchwork quilt.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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