Thursday, August 07, 2008

What's in a name?

I am trying to come up with a name for my personal design style. My look.
Rachel Ashwell has "Shabby Chic," Amy Butler has "Midwest Modern," and Chris Brown has "Urban Prairie" but what would you call my style if you were picking the name?

I asked the question to Wylie and Nathan.

Wylie said it is "antique-ish" and then went on to talk about how Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma make things to look like antiques even though they aren't. Where does he come up with this stuff. I wonder.

Nathan's suggestion was "Found Comfort" which I like because I do find things, and our house is comfy - or at least I hope it is!

I came up with "County Fair " because of the patchwork I tend to create between homespun, vintage, thrifted, salvaged and brand-spanking-new things. Sort of like a quilt. And because of the color. My style has a lot of color, but slightly faded, like a fair tent.

Jeanetta liked "Homefront Vintage" because it speaks to my fav era of color and textile design - the WWII and immediately post WWII eras.

So if you were naming my style what would you call it? Do you like any of the ideas above? Have a whole new one that I haven't even thought of?

What do you call your design style or do you even think about these sorts of things?
I would LOVE to know...


  1. This isn't really a great, catchy name for your eventual show on on HGTV, but when I look at your style, I think "Old Lady Young". It's as if an old lady's house was reborn with younger colors, fresher style, more whimsical juxtapositions... etc.

  2. I like, just for you, "Fresh Vintage". Love your blog!

  3. I call my style "English Country Clutter" but for you, I do like "Homefront Vintage".

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  4. I like Found Comfort.

    I also like Lostcheerio's comment, but maybe expanding on that idea. Old Lady wouldn't really be great marketing, but I like where she's going with it.

  5. I really like "found comfort"...suits your pretty style.

  6. I like the Homefront Vintage. The Found Comfort has something to it though, maybe you could combine the two. Whatever you call it, I love your style!

  7. I think Found Comfort has a nice sound to it. I guess my style would be Eccentric Eclectic! I like so many different things and have to include my husbands treasures too. So we have a little bit of everything and some a bit strange!

  8. farmhouse frolic?
    secondhand style?
    classic curios?
    classic cache?
    a bygone fortune?

    (can you tell i'm a marketing gal?)

  9. My favorite is Homefront Vintage. That era is also one of my favorites.

  10. Well you already know my suggestion. :)
    But my own might be harder to nail down. Sort of a ... rustically-retro-devil-may-care style.

  11. good suggestions from all the ladies! I think 'found comfort' describes you really well, but it's not quite there yet, you know what I mean?

    I describe my style as vintage country, which, although accurate, it is a pretty unoriginal description.

  12. I like the name County Fair. I love your style...if I were to describe it to someone I would use the word "vintage" though. Hmmmm... Vintage County Fair? ;)

  13. Ooh-as I was reading your post Found Comfort just described what I see when I read your blog perfectly. I agree with Holly-no matter what you call it-I adore it!

    This is why I love blogs! I never considered naming my style-and when it comes up in conversation with someone who doesn't know me it's so hard to explain!


  14. Awww, Found Comfort is sweet - especially because it came from your son. Hmm, what a terrific question!


  15. Wow...LOVE "Found Comfort"
    Great stuff.

  16. Too funny, I mulled this over before clicking on the comments, and came up with "fresh vintage", just like Vanessa did. Problem is, I am pretty sure that term is used by someone in blogland, no?

    You definitely need vintage in there somewhere...

    Since we're playing the game, what would you label my style as?


  17. I like Country Classics and the above listed name Found Comfort. You could even be a bit whimsical and go Farmhouse Fresh. Good Luck!!

  18. Thanks for the name ideas and love! Looks like "Found Comfort" is currently in the lead. Maybe if I ever get to write my book or host my HGTV show I will call it But seriously, it has been great to see what everyone thinks!

  19. I love "Found Comfort." What I love about your style is that you can "find" beauty in everyday objects; you re-do something old and make it into a new-found treasure!

  20. I just did this little exercise myself. I call my style Elegant Whimsy. I love all the suggestions you got!

  21. Yup, 'Fresh Vintage' is used by Miss Colleen at And she does it well!!!

    Jerusalem, I LOVE 'Found Comfort' for you!

    What's hard for me is that my own decor style runs the huge gamut from Cottage vintage to a more retro 'Brocade Home' chic look. There is no way to describe something that changes every season!!

    For our retreat ( restyled home furnishings & decor, we term it 'Tattered & Torn Vintage'.

  22. Well, there's always a little tweak - "Comfy Find" - but it might be too close to Comfy Home... I just like the word "Comfy" for some reason. :o)
    Or Comfy Vintage. Taste of Vintage (almost like a fine wine... ) IT's late, I could let a lot of them just roll off my tongue and probably not be of much help. Happy word hunting!
    "Comfort found". Yoda-talk I prefer. ha!

  23. Mmmm... I love Homefront Vintage. Suits your style perfectly.


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