Friday, August 01, 2008

Showin' My Form

My dress form that is...

Meet Tallulah, my little blue dress form that lives here at home with me.

She is my ally in a house full of boys. My partner in pink and pearls.

Jeanetta and I have 3 other forms that live at The Shoppes
but I just love Tallulah too much to part with her, even for the shoppe.

She currently lives in the dining room and is dressed from head to pole in vintage thrifted goodies - my fav being the little pink dressing jacket that Jeanetta found me a few weeks ago.
All that that pink ruching (sp?) is to die for, don't you think?

I thought I would share her today because Tiffany at ShabbyScraps is having a "Show Me Your Dress Form" party and I just had to crash it even though I found out about a little late...Better late than never though, right?

Are you showing off your dress form today?


  1. It's the first time I have seen a blue dress form.
    Very cute!!

  2. Oh! She;s blue and so beautiful! I would love that little dressing jacket for my body!

  3. Oh, I love her!!!
    I have a similar dressing jacket for Mrs. McGillicutty too!
    I have had more fun dressing my dress form than myself... probably cuz she has a better bod than me!
    Thanks for sharing your beauty.

  4. Isn't she cute! Love the big beads and the rushing on the jacket IS awesome!! Love your curtains too~

  5. Tallulah is so pretty in pink and blue. I can see why she lives at home with you. Her dressing jacket is beautiful!

  6. I've never seen a blue dress form before! Ooh, she's wonderful! xo-Mel

  7. tiffany~shabby scraps11:46 PM

    tallulah could not be anymore pretty than she is! i love her pink and blue together! TFS, and supporting me and nadia.

  8. Nice form, cool name:) Rachael

  9. Same here,,, I've never seen a blue dress form! Very cool!

  10. She is darling ! Love those pink ruffles. I too was late to the party . . . but did manage to run in the back door just in time LOL. Love your gal!

    Karen at Ciderantiques


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