Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ready to Run


Ever have one of those weeks? One where you just want to throw in the towel? Take off, hit the road, run and hide?

My little sis Judea recently bought me this lovely vintage bag and train case set at an Estate Sale. The very fact that she of all people stopped at an Estate Sale, let alone looked around long enough to find something worth buying, shows that I have finally -after years and years- rubbed off on her.

These 2 cases are so cute, so pink (with a little orange molted into the background) and in amazing condition. They would be the perfect accessories to my great escape.

So why do I need to escape you say? Well I don't really. I like it here, I do. It's just that, well it has been one of those weeks. Actually it has been 2 of those weeks. But who is counting?
For all you self-employed/artistic people out there I would just like to voice what I think we all feel at some point or another. Maybe I should just go get a regular J-O-B. Punch a clock. Work for the man. Do something normal for a change. Have a regular, dependable pay check.

But what would I do? And do I really want to go and do something else? Or am I just having growing pains with the kids in school 5 days a week, and the Holiday Season (typically my busiest) is creeping up on me way too fast?
I am not complaining, I promise. I am very grateful that I even have a choice in this matter, and I do not want to come off all "poor pitiful me," because I am very blessed and I know it.
I just wonder if any one else who works from home or fits in the "struggling artist" category ever feels this way also?

I have a feeling that my doubt & restlessness is stemming mostly from the growing pains that come with change, and the tightness in my budget, but I can't be sure. At least not today. Today if the perfect J-O-B came open I think I would jump at it.

But Martha hasn't called offering me a 30 hr a week, work-from-home craft designer job, at least not yet. Oh, well. Guess I will have to just keep pouring on the glitter for another day, and pray and ponder this some more..

But just know that if I do fly the coop, I will at least be going out in style.


  1. Those days (weeks) are the pits for sure. It does make a j-o-b look pretty darn enticing, doesn't it? :-) (Of course there would be weeks in the dumps at work too, can never win. LOL)

    I hope it improves for you sooner rather than later.

  2. I once owned one the standard-issue blue samsonite travel cases, but it just didn't do it for me. I gave it to an owner who could appreciate it. This pink set, on the other hand, is downright enviable!

  3. Martha hasn't called me either, although I am waiting for that phone to ring. I hear you, as I am covered in glue and glitter!!
    Hang in there, it's more fun than a regular job!!

  4. I hear you, oh I do so hear you! It will turn again! Actually I would want to go somewhere, probably anywhere just so I could use the divine travel set! Rachaelxo

  5. This reminds me of the scene in Ya-Ya, after she "drops her basket." She runs away for a few days, in her fabulous coat and sunglassses (complete w/ nightgown underneath). Yes, we've all been there!

  6. I'm thinking the opposite...I want to leave my job, which I love, to stay home and create. Can't even say I'd be a stay at home mom...with kids 19 and Oh well...I'll just keep pluggin on here at work and create on the side. It's just really difficult finding the time and energy!!!


  7. I have to agree with Countrygirl, though I hate my job...I would rather stay at home and craft all day. I LOVE those bags!

  8. Thanks for everyones support and sweet words. I absolutely think I am suffering from "the grass is always greener" syndrome. Lol.

  9. let me be the 8th or so person to remind you of your ABSOLUTE gift for beauty and craft--

  10. as a working girl (an 8-5 working girl now with mandatory Saturdays~ UGH~, not the street-walking variety!!), I can say that I wished I were at home with my darling Ellis. although, the grass IS always greener because I know I'd miss the regular paychecks & that I'd be completely stressed without them. in my perfect world, money is not a factor, and I'd stay home to play with paper, ribbon, & fabrics, and of course with Ellis!

    I hope you find some peace with all that's going on in your world (I always feel a life-change coming on with fall, too) and know there are many, MANY of us who wish we were in your shoes :) I've said it before, but you have been such an inspiration to me for always following your passions & your dreams so don't give up!!

  11. i think it's funny that on the same day we both used the term J-O-B in our posts. :)

    i know what you are feeling.
    i love your banners. and can imagine working for martha really....yuck. i bet it would be awful.
    just my opinion.

    but i love martha (don't tell her i said that).

  12. The bags are adorable... but don't fly the coop. The grass is always greener, as they say. As a person who "works for the man," I would kill to make a living working from home on creative endeavors. Take a deep breath ... have a restful long weekend, and keep doing what you do best!

  13. Is that what's been wrong with me too? lol

  14. I work from home too and there are days, like now, that I am absolutely SICK of ebay inventory piled every where. But, I make my own schedule so I try to get past it.
    I have pared my buying way back for financial reasons and plus I simply have no where left to put any more stuff! On the days it suffocates me, I wish I had an ordinary J-O-B. But when I want to run away with the Feller for an impromptu trip, I remember why punching a clock is not a good idea.
    Hang in there....this too shall pass. :0)


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