Sunday, August 24, 2008

Need a side table? Make one up.

I have sold almost all my side tables at the Shoppe.
In the previous living room arrangement (before the new-old green chair,) I didn't really need many extra tables. In fact at one point I had an excessive amount of cute little side tables...
But in the new living room arrangement there was a noticeable hole by in front of the window.

That window is where I take a lot of my pictures of items I sell on Storia VINTAGE since I get such great light there. But now that I had re-arranged, and sold off my tables, I had no where great to put my goodies in order to take their picture. What is it they say, necessity is the mother of invention?

So I looked around the house for what I could use to create a temporary table....

Here is what I found, a vintage cabinet door in a great teal blue color, and an old camp stool.

Voila! A side table is created.
Both the table and chair are temporary fixes. The chair is bound for the Shoppe (do you see a theme here?) and the cabinet door will eventually become the picture frame I envisioned it for when I picked it up off the side of the road. The camp stool will be painted a cheery vintage color, and recovered with some comfy fabric for either the Shoppe or as extra party seating in the living room....

But for now, my little table is looking might fine,

and doing a great job of showing off my goodies, don't you think?

stay tuned for a Storia VINTAGE Attic Sale Update Tomorrow!


  1. Very creative of you m'am and I adore the color!

  2. That was quick thinking!

    You know what would also work? About 6 or 10 or whatever empty boxes of Capri Sun, with a tablecloth draped over them ;)

    Happy Sunday,

  3. Very cool redo. I hear ya on the gettin frugal front. I am trying to do the same thing. cherry

  4. Very bright idea indeed~

  5. A mighty fine table indeed! Rachaelxo


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