Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Birthday

The Shoppes (where Jeanetta and I have our little parlor room shoppe) had it's 5th Birthday Party this past Thursday night. Jeanetta and I needed a good excuse to re-stock our Birthday Section anyway with some new items and since there was no holiday to celebrate this month, The Shoppes' birthday party was the perfect excuse to get motivated...

Join us for our party will you?

What goes better with a birthday party than cupcakes on vintage china & tray?

Not only was it the Shoppes' birthday, but it is sort of Jeanetta & I's birthday of being in the front parlor. A year ago she moved here and we got to finally create and design together in-person. It has been a rocky year for both of us in many ways, together and separately, personally and professionally, but I think in the end, it helped to bring us closer in many many ways. I am so grateful for her friendship - 15 years- and her creative talent and loyal heart. I couldn't do the Shoppe without her, it is a true partnership!

Jeanetta's super fab apron, hat and pick/wand. I have a bad habit of wanting at least 1 out of every apron collection she puts together...

Vintage sheet music gift cones, simple and sweet.

The gift wrap/ decoration station...

New Pokey Dot Stickers (coming the Storia HOME September '08) to add to your gift bags, packages and cards.

Two Toned, Double Sided Ruffle Streamers.
(Custom color combos available for order upon request.)
My favorite new product!
(For delish single colored ruffle streamers visit Birds of a Feather)

Thanks for stopping by our party and seeing all the goodies! Next month we will be unveiling Jeanetta's favorite collection of the year - Halloween!! Spooky!


  1. I am going to have to visit your little shop sometime. I just love all the photos. Such fun!

  2. The shop looks adorable. I love the gathered streamers! I have a similar apron problem. Anytime I make one to give away, I have to make an identical one for myself!!

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  4. Everything is pure Eye Candy. Love all the Birthday stuff.. Aprons are so cute. The streamers are great. You have a perfect little shop..A Happy Birthday...

  5. so beautiful and colorful and happy!
    i wish i could go to your shop!

  6. Happy, happy birthday! You've made my day happy with all of that wonderful birthday eye candy! xo-Mel

  7. Ooohhhh, I want to come to that b-day party so bad! Love the peg rack full of cute little packaged up goodies. Holly


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