Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goodies and more...

Wylie is my garage sale good luck charm. Whenever I take him out with me I have much better luck than if I go by myself.
Friday was just such a day - a good luck day - for garage sailing.
Miles was with my parents, and Wylie and I were kicked out of the house due to the Bug Man putting out the serious flea killing poison that our old -all wood-floor house requires once a summer no matter what we do to prevent it.

I left all the linens that I bought (wait till you see the ticking quilt) at my Mom's for a good dose of her laundering magic.

Here is what I had left from our treasure hunt...

This adorable magnetic letter School Days Desk from Fisher Price.

I adore all Fisher Price toys from this era, but the learning ones are my favorite.

I think with all my maps, globes, chalkboards and books, maybe my style is really
Vintage SchoolHouse Chic...?

I also found a few vintage patterns for 25 cents each. I want to frame or do something very Jane's Apron-ish with them for my bathroom. I have other intentions for the sewing patterns inside the envelope , thanks to the inspirations of Heather...

These vintage "paintings" are headed to The Shoppe's...
after a little cleaning...

And one can never have too much vintage tinsel trim with Christmas rapidly approaching...

If you are looking for more cute things you should head over to Cuteable where my Party Pockets were featured today! A great thing to find in my Bloglines feed list first thing this morning...


  1. I had that little chalkboard with the sliding door, wow that one is in good shape, fun to see things I forgot like that .

  2. Oh, that Fisher Price toy brought back memories... that was a favorite. I need to find one!


  3. I love going to garage sales. Wish I had a child that I considered my lucky charm when going to sales, but they both just usually want to buy every toy in sight (as if they need more toys). I love the FP chalkboard. I haven't seen one of those around in a long time.

  4. Oh wow! I had the FP chalkboard too!

  5. I'll chime in with everyone else...

    I use to LOVE that desk!

    Mine went through my sister and brother before it got to me, but I cherished it the most. What a great find!

  6. Great finds. We had one of those little desks growing up. When I saw it, I had to come out of lurkdom to comment.

    Really enjoy your blog.

  7. OK! I was going to clean house in the morning but I can't stand it -- I'm hitting the streets at 7:00. My luck hasn't been real good the last couple of weeks. Maybe I need to pick up a g'child.

  8. how sweet.
    the brillo pad comment had me rolling

  9. Awww, I sooo remember that Fisher Price toy as a kid. Sniff sniff. Great finds!


  10. So great how SO many of us had or loved this great toy! I wish I could have you all over to play with it and drink pink lemonade!


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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