Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bits and pieces of the week

The good news weather has been unseasonable cool the past few days. It actually feels like what I think the weather should feel like when school starts... almost crisp, a little breezy, nice.

The bad news is that has left little good sunny days for picture taking.
All my pictures this week seem gloomier than they should, so I amped up the contrast and saturation on this random sampling of pictures from this week...

I am determined that this year my family will actually have a banner for every holiday, instead of being like the cobbler whose children have no shoes. The banner maker's children shall have banners by golly! For starters I made us a Back 2 School Banner.
Both boys start school Monday. Miles is going into 5 day Pre-K and he is so ready to go. I am not sure if I am ready, but I am sure that we needed to try.
Of course I might be OK with it all after a few days of the house being all to myself by 7:45 each morning... Just me and the glitter.

On either side of my fireplace I have these 2 lamps. I can't decide if the bases need to be a new color. Or if I should make new shades. These fit in nice with my fall/winter scheme. Maybe by next spring I will come up with something new to switch out seasonally?

These are just wood bases that I spray painted black and distressed a little...
Any thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?

Some end of summer items brought home from The Shoppes to sell on Etsy...
We had planned on visiting my grandparents this weekend at their house on the lake, but it just didn't happen. Now we are shooting for Labor Day. It is a proper holiday after all, and we might get to spend more time without the pressure of the first day of school waiting on the other side.

My work table. The banner business has been good to me lately, for which I am very grateful for. However I am experiencing some growing pains. A studio/office re-arrangement is in order, and I think I am going to have start buying glue and glitter by the gallons. Anyone got a good wholesale resource for me?

That is all for tonight. I think I am going to go watch some Olympics and string some banners...
Goodnight dear friends!


  1. I love the banners. As for the lamps, maybe put velcro around the bottoms of the shades and then change out trim seasonally.(braid, beaded fringe, etc).

  2. I love those lamps. Especially the shades. Very Halloweenish. Wait till spring to do something with them. But I'd keep them around just for the fall. Oh, and my husband is a contractor, so we have many, many, many to do projects on our house, and have for 27 years! So good for you, girl, for letting your family enjoy your banners. You rock! Mona

  3. My brother is a mechanic & he--& all his family---have crappy working cars! Same principle.

    Enjoy the banners girl!

  4. I like the lamps as is! Love the shades and a little black is always good to have in a room.

    You're making me need striped candles!

  5. Great banner, and I love the lake badge! Good luck with the banners

  6. I adore your lamps and their polka dotted shades! Your back to school banner is great! xo-Mel

  7. I am SO glad you left me a comment...because now I have found your cute blog!

    I LOVE your red door, and how you have taken a photo in the same place every year.

    Also, I adore that back to school banner. Really gorgeous display on your mantle...AND I LOVE The polka-dot lampshade.

    I will have to come back and go through your past posts.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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