Thursday, July 24, 2008

From the Archives

My "Donna Reed" Kitchen Circa 1999 @ our 1st House (a 1950's little ranch-ish home that looked a like space ship on the outside) on Broadmoor...
Tiny little house, tinnier kitchen. We finally got it painted this great aqua and then we moved...

We loved that kitchen, tiny as it was. The nice thing is that it had a window and it was open on either side so though it was small you never felt closed in...

The aqua color is now my bathroom color & we recreated the window-shelf idea at this house, only the window here is big enough that the shelves don't cover my tea-towel curtains. Hurray!

Oh happy times & good memories in that house...
Can't believe we have been at this one for 5 years. Crazy.


  1. Oh-what a sweet kitchen! I love aqua so much-and have aqua polka dots in my kitchen to prove it! xo-Mel

  2. Oh, that's a very cute Donna Reed kitchen. I agree with you about having a window in the kitchen. In all my years of apartment living I can tell you that even the smallest kitchen would feel un-claustrophobic if there was a window.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

    P.S. I think we're going to be in Arkansas the week after Labor Day. I'm going to try to get to Little Rock to visit your shop!

  3. So cute... and in Broadmoor that's quite a task!

  4. Very cute! I like the hanging baskets under the cabinets, and the shelves over the sink. I thought about doing that with frosted glass shelves for herbs. I think my dream kitchen is a retro pink kitchen with one of those really cool Big Chill refrigerators with matching Kitchen Aid blender. My husband said I could have it if he NEVER EVER had to step foot in it. That means that I would have to do ALL the dishes FOREVER . . . it’s almost worth it. I also noticed that even your kids’ art over the sink matched. Love it!

  5. I love the window shelf idea-I just might steal it!

  6. Where are the "cheesey crackers"?

  7. Oh, I love that color! We have been in our house almost 5 years too and I'm amazed by it. It's the first time I've lived in a house this long without wanting to move!

  8. It was ADORABLE! I love it. Your style is just fabulous, no matter what style house you live in. And that is a great paint color.

  9. The cheesey crackers were strolled about on the floor - you know to make it easier for the baby to get them when he needed them.

  10. Our last house was a small bungalow and I miss it terribly...we have also been in our 'new' home for 5 years (it's not new, it was built in the 70's...just new to us).

    I love that Aqua kitchen...we just did our master bedroom and bath in that color and my dh wants to do our guest bath in it, too, he likes it so much.

    Nice to meet you:)



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