Monday, July 07, 2008

Design For A Star

So I don't know if you have been watching HGTV's Design Star.
I haven't watched much of this season because frankly, for whatever reason, the Interior Design shows are not as good as other "design" shows like Top Chef or Project Runway... Even Bravo's attempt last year with Top Designer fell flat for me. Just didn't carry the same punch as their other series.
I think that perhaps it is the scale of the projects that makes it more difficult. Creating 1 or 2 outfits, or 1 or 2 dishes takes a lot less man power and cash than creating a well designed room or house. I don't think it takes more talent - that is not what I am saying at all - I just think the logistics of interior design are in a different category, that perhaps makes it hard to translate to television. That all being said, I really did enjoy last nights episode of Design Star.

Here are the things I like about it:
1) The Challenge Felt Like a Real Design Job. -
The challenge was for 2 teams to compete in creating a signature hotel room that would reflect the style and personality of country music star Sarah Evans. Even though lots of real-world elements were left out for TV and time purposes I am sure (like having to pick fire-retardant materials for a commercial space such as a hotel,) the job was still intensely personal which I loved.

2) I Liked the Style of Design.
This rarely happens now that Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic is no longer showing on the Style network, and HGTV no longer airs Debbie Travis's Facelift, Design Inc., or Country Living episodes.
It was so exciting and refreshing to watch a design show where I actually liked the design.
Not too modern, not too dark, not too over-the-top or cheaply done, or just about selling your this episode was actually filled with things I loved and drew inspiration from...

For instance...

The white chair, the big couch pillow, the white drapes, the distressed armoire...
This room didn't win, and I agreed that it needed a little more "omph" in places, but I really liked the mix of shabby chic-ish elements with the clean lines...

I am crazy for the simplicity of the distressed table with the slipcovered ottoman in front...

The green wall color in this room was my FAVORITE. I love it and must hunt it down now for my kitchen... I think it came from Sears...

The fluffy bedding and the use of the old architectural moldings were very cool...
Also, I think white fluffy bedding in hotels is the most luxurious thing.

And I adore these bar stools! So whimsical and fun...

So if you have been watching Design Star I would love to know what you think... Love it? Hate it? Also, do you feel the same way I do about HGTV and other design shows?
Do you think that the shows will change and be less about Selling Your House and more about Re-Doing What You Own now that the market has changed?
What do you want to see in a design show?

These are just some of my thoughts and questions I had after watching last nights episodes...what are yours?


  1. I agree-the design shows just seem to be missing something, but I did like last night's show. Some great ideas!

    Did you ever get the card you won from me?

  2. This is the first year I've ever watched the show so I can't compare it to previous episodes. But I have been enjoying it so far and agree that last nights was great!

  3. Oh yikes I should have closed my eyes. I, again forgot it was on. I watched a rerun of desperate housewives, that is an hour I will not get back. thank god for on demand digital cable, I will be able to watch by Tues. I hope. Did that poor girl from Louisville get sent home~

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  5. I loved the episode last night. It was my favorite so far this season. I'm in love with the bar stools and I loved the bed with the distressed doors as headboards. Thought it was much better than the little cubible rooms they had last episode.

  6. I fell in love with Design Star last season and watched it faithfully. Unfortunately, this season I have only seen the first two episodes because our Satellite/DVR broke and we just got the new one today. I am dying to catch up on it though. I like the show for several of the same reasons you do. I have always loved getting decorating ideas for my home. With two young kids I have little time or money to decorate, but I still enjoy getting the ideas even if I don't use them. I agree that it would be nice to have a show that helps the home owner how to figure out how to use their space better and make it work for them. That is exactly what my hubby and I decided to with our home instead of move. We love our neighborhood, but with a three bedroom home and two kids we were thinking we might need to move in order to have a guest room. After looking at just a few homes on the market we decided to make our space work for us and we walled off the living room to create an additional room (the office) and we finished part of the basement that was just garage/storage space. We added seven hundred square feet of living space and re-purposed a space we never used. It is great!

  7. you'd win hands down my crafty beautiful friend.

  8. I haven't had a chance to see last night's epi yet, but I do tend to agree that there is very little on tv right now that is appropriate for whatever you might call my style!

    In general I don't watch that show b/c it really fails to hold my attention like top chef or P.R. But, it's summer, and the pickins' are slim.

    I do like decorating cents, even if I don't always love what they do, because they do it on a realistic budget.

  9. I didn't get to watch last night, but I really like the use of the distressed molding. I love the green.

    Decorating Cents is one of my fav shows.

  10. Hey J,
    I am totally sour'd on design star lately, but you are right- sunday was a good show, not only because it was a decorating style that I liked, but they had to think about the PERSON who was going to be using the space they were preparing.

    I am soooo sick of the minimal sleek modern stuff. I am very still into the softer side of life like Rachel and Debbies looks they would create on their shows as I believe alot of us are, but alas, furniture makers and other style contributors need to $$ it up, so its an about face for everyone involved in style tv. Its sooo wierd to me.
    BRING RACHEL BACK!!! whaaaaaah!
    coastal nest

  11. I just wish the "over your head" dude would come and fix all the crap that needs fixin' at my place so I CAN sell it!

  12. I don't watch the shows because we have no TV. But I have my own running show. Its called what color should the walls be painted. Every week it gets a new color swatch on it. Stay tuned hopefully one day a color will be chosen.

  13. I haven't been watching it faithfully, but I did happen to catch that episode & LOVED the look of the rooms!
    And...Project Runway...tomorrow....YAYYYYYYY!

  14. Hello! Haven't been blogging I'm going back through your old post for the last month or so. Love the wall color in the Design Style Kitchen. Do you know what it is?
    Vintage Lily

  15. oooh...I meant the butter cream color behind the beds?
    Vintage Lily


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