Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today Miles and his pal Paxson celebrated their 4th Birthdays with a joint parties.
They were born only 2 days a part and Paxon's mom Amy is one of my nearest and dearest friends. After a few years of running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to coordinate birthday party days and times and guest list we finally said to heck with it all and began having joint parties. Even though the joint parties are loud and crazy and full of chaos it is well worth it for our sakes and theirs. It is cute because they don't seem to mind at all, and they don't even seem to feel like they are splitting or really even sharing, they are still able to see it as their own party. Whether they are opening presents or blowing out candles they each think it is all about them, which is so great. Oh to have the self-confidence of a 4 year old! They have no self-image problems at all. Too cute.

This years theme (loosely) was Fishing and it was Amy's turn to host, so off to Conway we went to party...

We had cute nautical paper goods.

We had water activities, including a huge homemade Slip-n-Slide made (and tested) by Darrell, Pax's dad.

We had a Sandcastle cake that had been "ruined" by the tide coming in and bringing with it a ton of little fishies...
(like my clever solution to a cake that fell a part?)

We had worm topped cupcakes, the perfect bait for little children...

and we had Tackle Box Favor Packs for our guest tied up with string.

And, now we have a 4 year old. I can't believe it. I am a lucky Momma indeed.
Happy Birthday sweet boy!


  1. Love that Miles...

    Thanks for letting us celebrate with him today. :-)

  2. Cute idea! I so may be "stealing" that someday. I would love to know what was in the tackle box.

  3. OK, in the Tackle Boxes were
    *1 small pack of crayons (you can get 24 packs of 8 for 3.99 @ Hobby Lobby!)
    *1 Small coloring page w/pic of fish that I printed
    * A Baggie of Gummy Worms and Fish
    *2 Real Fishing Bobbins
    *2 Fake Bait Worms
    *3 Small Plastic Fish (we bought 2 mixed bags and split them up)
    *1 small thing of Bubble Bath in Fish shape (found them in packs of 3 and split them up.)
    *I put everything in a 87cent plastic box from Wal-Mart and made the Tackle Box Labels on the computer.

    Most everything I bought in big packs and just split up into smaller amounts. The real fishing stuff wasn't expensive at all either so it was cost friendly.

  4. Love the fishing theme and all your ideas and party favors. That is definitely a cake that I could pull off. I think I might have to steal a couple of the ideas as well.
    Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  5. Awwww, this makes me miss the theme parties I used to throw for my son--now 13 and too cool for theme partie! Some of my themes were Pirate, Egyptian (really fun), and wizards. I always had to do a treasure hunt to fit the theme. For the wizard party, the clues were in disappearing ink (lemon juice) It just took a while to heat it enough over a lamp to make it show up! I also used an April Fools idea from Family Fun. I made jello in punch cups. After the children made their "magic wands" they had to try them out. They were to decide on a magic chant to change the color of their punch. But alas, it didn't work. Oh well, just drink it--The looks on their faces when they tried to drink the "punch" was priceless!
    Enjoy the parties while they are young!

  6. Thanks! I really do think that is the cutest idea for a boys party that I have seen in a long time.

  7. My how quickly they grow! I'm in denial that Ella will be 4 in November. I still think Miles and Ella would make a cute couple. :) But both being the second child they might kill each other- HA!

    As for the party. You are inspiringly creative! I'm just too happy to pay for a place that will include in their party package some "Made in China" trinkets that I'll stealthly throw away the following few days. This year I may try to be a little more creative since I now have "help." :) Love ya!

  8. What a great celebration! Good job, Moma.:) cutest 4 year old, ever!
    xo Lidy

  9. OOH, happy birthday boys! What a sweet party! I miss the days when my boys had more "themed" parties-rather than the all night sleepover fests that they choose now... xo-Mel

  10. Thanks for all the party love!


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